31 Jan 2010, 8:47pm

Winter Scenes

canal entrance
The canal entrance is a kiss and two hugs away?

canal skater
Plenty seem to have found it.

brown bread bakery
The brown bread bakery (that’s the name, right? Bank and Somerset?) had these cute cheesecakes to get themselves ready for Feb 14th, or skating. Either, or.

A technical aside…sorry I’ve added a captcha. I’ve got 4 spam blockers and still have to manually weed. It’s either that or remove the field for websites.

So far as the reading Thursday, wow, long time ago already. I didn’t take photos to speak of. I’d guess somewhere around 60 came to the reading. It all seemed to go tickety-boo. The crowd seemed happy. The curator and artist we did the ekphrastic from seemed pleased. John ended up sending a poem which Carmel read. Each performance was distinct in style and content.

I was wiped for a couple days. Saturday was a haiku meeting so that was uplifting of energies. Today wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped but oh well. Tomorrow is a new day.

TVO’s Big Ideas has Leonard Mlodinow, (of The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives which I’ve mentioned here a couple times). Lovely overview of how the brain tricks itself with pattern expectations.

Quote: “Every time I think that I’m getting old, and gradually going to the
grave, something else happens.” – Lillian Carter

27 Jan 2010, 11:54pm
Arts Ottawa Poets

Fibred Reading

Showtime is tomorrow night. Fibred Optics Reading in SAW Gallery (near Rideau Centre) 7:30 Jan. 28th. Apparently this is in a bar.

Poems, literary, ideological responses and/or performances by Grant Wilkins, Pearl Pirie, Sandra Ridley, Carmel Purkis, jwcurry, Jen Books and John Lavery.

Quote: “Look to the future, because that is where you’ll spend the rest of your
life.” ~ George Burns

25 Jan 2010, 10:09am

New Openings

out with the old
The Magic Hostess. After almost 40 years service as the sole electric can opener — Well done, good and noble servant — now the new lightweight electric model.

Been thinking that if negatives are weights on one side of the balance scale, to be neutral, detached, calm, mediatative is not directly a counterbalance. They are stop gap measures to prevent self from putting more on the heavy end. It’s like piling things up on the middle. The proper counterbalance is celebration. In a way that makes bliss not really an option. To make headway enough to thrive rather than survive requires some framework of humour to offset. Ah, nothing leads to joy like obligatory framework huh? 😉

I was going to ask, Cold? and point you to this quote: “The best part about wearing leg warmers, though? When you finally take them off, wearing only – gasp! – pants, you feel scandalously naked.” ~ Pearl, Why You Little, US comedian blogger. That would be directed to the non-locals now, since it’s 9 degrees above zero and raining. Wonder if there will be no snow left by the end of tomorrow?

Links:You can be subliminally primed for self-control [via David] and you can now see this blog with a mobile version with a simple plugin [via Col]

Quote: “True irreverence is disrespect for another man’s god.” ~ Mark Twain

No to Prorogue Rally

We miss you (sort of)

sign and singing of protester.
On Parliament Hill when asked to tell Harper what we want. Do we want Parliament prorgued? Hundreds shouted back no, and 2 voices from the back yelled, yes. :) Democracy with dissent intact.

Around 1 o’clock there was a fair-sized crowd gathered and people were still streaming in around 2.

The album here on Flickr and at FB with some more comments in the captions.

Some lightened the mood. The crowd moved towards the front towards those who sang and amused. Some gave speeches. Some screamed into the mic causing reverb and pools around amplifiers where no one stood. We’re magnetic filings (as John put it).

P.S. Anti-prorogue pics are from everywhere. Apt. 613 puts the number at 3500 people in Ottawa and picked up a slideshow by Meaghan Walton. There’s almost 800 photos up at Distinctly Canadian a Flickr group for the event.

P.P.S. Zoom’s post includes another a video of a song played and some descriptions of the mood.

Quote: “I’m happy to be here…well as a Canadian I am most happy to sit on the fence. If I’m at a rally, something’s gone horribly wrong” ~ A singer from Arrogant Worms before he played The Beaver

Another Ottawa bloggers points out that is was Trevor Strong who sang The Wild Proroguer

Another hour left…


Time to put in some elbow grease for democracy?
clean up Politics Link: Saturday the 23rd, 1-4 p.m. local, in cities and towns across Canada are rallies against proroguing parliament. Ones are also planned for Dallas, NYC and San Francisco, and London, England. Proroguing in this case closed parliament for an extra month, and killed all bills on the table. “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention” – the Raging Grannies

Lit Links: I My next reading is a one week from now. A preview and interview with Michele Provost, Max Middle, Grant Wilkins and myself will be on CKCU just after 8 a.m. on the Friday Special Blend today.

There’s an interview on The Puritan at The Literary Type, Vanity vs. Self-Publishing article from Australia, Rusty has begun a blog that is a personal retrospective of his first 3 years as a competitive slam poet. Admirable fellow, that one.

Overheard: For someone whose thing is words, you sure have a lot of troubling remembering a lot of song lyrics.

– I guess as an only child you didn’t get to play the echo game.
– Oh, I did. Half of what I said was just to annoy me.

Light Links: The Waffleizer is all kinds of recipes of sticking things in a waffle maker. [via Gerard’s Presurfer] Another bit o’ nonsense: Monkeying Around — the sock monkey’s spin off blog. (It actually started in ’07 but was dormant thru ’08 and most of ’09.) And Acting Like Animals (yet another cute animal blog). There you see a demo of how to make like a hermit crab and adapt.

Mental Notes: For Me: Minibook (2″x3″) of 24 color pages of one’s own photos for $6 sounds like a good idea for haibun. Wonder if I can get that organized in the next 3 months before Haiku Canada in Montreal? For You: It’s bad rap not bad wrap, see.


That reminded me of BettsThe others raisd in me

6 Quick Glads: Apart from all that lot, above and below, I like it when:

  1. comic panels represent space not time
  2. …I come to the merciful end of a bad hiccup line
  3. … the default answering phone intonation curve changes from neutral or grumpy to cheerful when a person hears my voice
  4. …the peanut gallery of self-censor simmers down so I can edit flat-out “in the zone” uninterrupted
  5. …I laugh instead of despair at how all is cyclical. For example, wash the floor, fumble, drop food on the washed floor. Wash the floor…
  6. …my back resets itself into place like that. I didn’t even know it was tight until it releases.

Double of Nothing Quotes: “Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” ~ Earl Nightingale and “The dread of criticism is the death of genius.” ~ William Gilmore Simms

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