31 Oct 2010, 1:21pm

And a Sparkling Spooks Day to You

more demolition
Be a Deere, won’t you, and knock those buildings down for me?

This site was 3 buildings near Ottawa U.

Think hard hat chic might catch on widely given how many construction sites there are?

bird on a wire
The other bird on a wire.

got to watch your back all the time
Watch your back. It’s weird out there.

Quote: “I have great faith in a fool; my friends call it self-confidence.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Getting Ready to Launch

At least being pressed for time makes for crisp creases, eh? I keep meaning to set myself down and write up notes and thoughts from Writers Fest but it hasn’t happened yet, has it? But it will. I expect.

November is rushing in and my Ottawa book is the cover of Ottawa Sneezers this morning. How cool is that. The Ottawa launch for been shed bore is Sunday, Nov 7th and the St. Catharines one is Nov 10th.

Consequently doing the final touches on the catapult.

This does follow, really. What is a book launch without something being launched? So far catapult testing has revealed how the cookie crumbles. Quite impressively to half dust. Italian almond cookies are brittle. Some chocolate also smashes. Still tinkering with projectiles.

Hallway testing showed good distance. No neighbours were injured in the making of the nut’s flight.

The photo set of a dozen is here.

What else?

fighter jet protest
Saw this going on around town. And our city council incumbent got displaced by a recent university grad with a lot of energy, ideas and drive. Our mayor is finally out. We didn’t get the Toronto (that asin’t conservative, This is conservative) fellow but Calgary lucked out with Naheed Nenshi. We all might want to move there in 5 or 10 years when his vision is implemented.

Quote: “There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” ~ Alexander Woollcott at QuotationsBook

Ideas in the City: Festing

Blogging: It’s like being an awkward cocktail party, not knowing what to say or how. Except the party is just you a keyboard. But stuff said thataway. And there’s this all:

halfway along line-up for poster signing

Pixar/Disney Short Films at the Animation Festival had an insane lineup. Hundreds of people to get a poster signed by Teddy Newton of Pixar or Dean Wellins of Disney.

Dean Wellins
I don’t know how the camera did this but I like the dreamy effect. (Maybe I should switch to animation? it’s saying, why be just a peripheral device?)

There was a great turnout for the talk with the makers of Kenk too. The Kenk panel was a part of both the writers fest and the Animation Festival talk about the graphic novel/journalism/short film project. I missed the whole news story of the bike pawn shop guy in Toronto. The making of a graphic novel of a year in his life sounds fascinating tho. I’ll probably loop back to say more about it later. (And I’ll have to say something more for sure. In self-skim I see I picked out of the hat, of all the things of the last week, 7 out of 7 males. Bah.)

I haven’t taken my usual number of pictures to squeeze more pictures out of my camera body so I can capture something before the camera charger and batteries come in the mail. (More pics are here.) It changes my process, to quality over quantity in theory, but with display off, I’m shooting blind more than normal. Interesting to change the parameters now and then.

Peter Dubé
Peter Dubé did a meta transgressive talk about surrealists meeting the labour party people giving a lecture about giving a lecture. The novel of the surrealist is called Subtle Bodies. It was at Ottawa writers fest‘s Transgress Oct 23 at the Mayfair Theatre where more events are today, tomorrow and Tuesday.

Quote: “If you have a dream, give it a chance to happen.” ~ Richard M. DeVos

18 Oct 2010, 8:52pm

To Open Fields for Walking

old road
Walked this old lane yesterday.

Puffballs and shelf mushroom.

puffballs puffing
And spores galore.

leaf fall in industrial autumn
I should have dug in my heels and lingered a couple hours. It is a refreshing place to be. The sun was warm. The all around beautiful.

Back home, I’m back to the tottering stack of tired.

But that’s to be expected. Each half day at parent’s place is two days recovery time.

There was the big energy expenditure of travelling, barely back from, then off all day social Saturday. I’m still wiped. I can expect to wake up tomorrow feeling much the same. Emails pile up. Hours pile up. Books and to-dos and wishes. And I flop on the lot. Drool and nap.

Watch videos like this police officer seeing a wolf pack coming or seeing eyeglasses that can adjust. And try not to cram my head before the clearinghouse vacates some space, even tho I got new nathalie stephens and Kay Ryan books in the mail. Maybe take a toddle and see the river that Robin photographed so well.

Too many frustrating hours of dum-de-dum between the ears, with not even enough brain power for efficient widget work. But the body’ll reverse course eventually. That’ll put the even and event and ally in eventually.

If I halve the amount of ice cream in the bowl each trip, theoretically that could mean I’d walk off all the chocolate-mint if I eat enough rounds, right?

Quote: “If one cannot invent a really convincing lie, it is often better to stick to the truth.” ~ Angela Thirkell

15 Oct 2010, 12:14pm

Last Glimpses of NYC Photos

What makes my computer forget all the passwords? I click the little box to remember. Why is it so insecure to think I’ve changed my mind? The only hacking of accounts is by myself and with less skill than one of those automated combination-lock-crack bots. Sigh. Small stuff. There’s good and bad and whack of neutral among it.

musical fountain
The drinking fountain that was not only welcoming to the thirst but looks like music.

Could it be giraffe? (That would be on a sunset crossing on the Staten Island Ferry.)

I rather wish I hadn’t kneecapped myself by leaving my camera battery charging on Amtrak, it playing Charlie riding the MTA. Chargers and batteries aren’t around locally that I see. The same ones vary online from $9 to $80. Lucky that workaround solutions are my speciality.

High Line signs
Liked the wisdoms of these signs from The High Line
sir grasshopper
A cricket. Which reminds me of us walking and two drywall-painter looking fellows, looking tired and sweaty and cussing a small tornado stopped walking. One called the other back with colorful language to admire a grasshopper. There’s something life affirming when people defy categorical assumptions. Categories are misleading after all. Take artichokes for example.

oaky-dokey, it's fall
Beauty. It makes things feel oaky-doky.

Anyhew, I think I’m fully back in Ottawa now, with Pre-fair reading tonight, a bunch of things tomorrow including small press fair and releasing Barely Their, and the AB series and on Sunday seeing mom, and on Monday and Tuesday getting as much done as possible of all things on tap. And Wednesday Writers Fest starts. Deep breath and plunge —

Quote: “Whoever said, It’s not whether you win or lose that counts, probably lost.” ~
Martina Navratilova

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