28 Dec 2010, 7:43pm
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A Few Days in Images


heat graph


evening house


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24 Dec 2010, 11:26am

Merry Xmas

May your Christmas and New Years be sweet.

From us to you, best wishes.

May the new year provide surmountable problem and satisfying solutions. Feliz Navidad

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17 Dec 2010, 4:16pm
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Boondoggles constant for 40 years, boonies on the rise and bunnies always bouncing with us — finally google scanning every surface and content yields real results. [Hat tip to Kate for pointing out the google labs grapherizers of word usage]

In case you missed it, a petition to ask for CBC to be secure. It seems a usual sort of bully tactic. Oh, you want more funding? Let’s see how you feel about getting none at all. Unfortunately this crying wolf will eventually get ignored and then the mandate for national broadcasting get shelved and be no surprise.

We’re getting close to KITT’s technology with blurry image made sharp and moving images figured out by blur lines what the crisp orginal looked like: In focus. Or speaking of looking in sci-fi like way, real-time translator. For the moment, English to Spanish and back but machine translation that works well, or really unwell, is kind of nifty. Even when it doesn’t work well, it calls attention to the filters of understanding what we look at normally. The results look credible whether we’re messing up the data or not. And a linguistic tightrope?

Feel like a word? A blog where people contribute their favorites, like austere or flop. Which seems a good time to mention Michael Robbin’s poem I did this to my vocabulary or Wild Strange Language discussion by Kay Ryan, Carl Phillips, Lyn Hejinian and Ron Padgett (from the Poet’s forum). Is strange only strange in an ordinary context and so needs it like a straight man to make nonsense? It’s a negative space that need positive space to make form, to make sense.

Or let’s take a step back a few centuries Piers Plowman by William Langland (ca. 1330-ca. 1386). (Or, translated if you wish.)

Or back more recently; if you want to get into twitter, Robert Lee Brewer wrote a twitter guide to orient on the vocab. And if you use Flickr eek.

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14 Dec 2010, 7:09pm
Arts Photos

Making Walnut Ornaments

Walnut Christmas decorations.

heart of the nut
Nuts open to love.

quick into walnut
For years I’ve been trying to get into walnuts the hard way. Put the tip of a knife in the thick side and twist. Most of them split open easily.

shelled walnuts
And if they don’t split but crack into bits, you still get to eat them. Win either way.

A bit of hot glue, velvet or ribbon in the soft part where there’s now a notch and a thin bead along the seam and you have an ornament.

handful of nuts

gilding the nut
Or gild the nut with metallic marker.

Quote: “The intellect is a very nice whirligig toy, but how people take it
seriously is more than I can understand.” ~ Ezra Pound

11 Dec 2010, 9:29pm
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Xmas Dreaming

xmas cookies
Along other things to samba in the head.

Spotted: humanizing the built environment with cozies knitted in place on trees and posts. another guerrilla knitting act.

Spacing Ottawa has an article on Christmas trees. The average artificial (non-recyclable, petroleum-based) only lasts a few years before people move on. A grown tree may come from one of 725 Christmas tree farms in Ontario and making oxygen as it grew.

Maybe making Christmas ornaments can help boost the spirit of the season.

Bigger projects do more. Convert shipping containers to monitored homeless shelters. Hear the rap on it.

Quote: “The two best physicians of them all — Dr. Laughter and Dr. Sleep.” ~ Gregory Dean Jr.

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