Pictures taken in every direction. Some even made it online. I put up some pics of the last Tree on Flickr.

I don’t know what she’s reading but I’m reading Vegan Gourmet. She’s a statue from my aunt. A couple commenters pointed out that my features resemble hers. I wish I knew the history of her. She was always on my aunt’s glass table supported by golden elephants. We’ve been together since I was 12 since I bought her at the estate auction. That’s slightly longer than hubby and I.

That one above is one of my more favourite products of the 365 Project: picture i thus far. Almost 2 weeks to go until I’m half way home. It’s an interesting stretch.

An interesting stretch that isn’t so pleasant is this: My jar of pickles have a coal-tar derivative in them?? A mixed blessing these labels are.

A purer blessing is that Ottawater, issue 7 is now live with heaps of pages of poetry and interviews w/ Ben Ladouceur, John Lavery, Marcus McCann, myself and Sandra Ridley. There’s a launch tomorrow. Elsewhere in beauty…here’s a recording of the classical guitar of John Lavery at Writers Fest.

Another pleasant thing run across: Heidi’s Home Ec, classes on what gradma might have taught you but didn’t — basic mending, darning, canning, knitting, making curtains or bread. Neat idea.

Other than that we have some sun and warm today and with another book sold to mail away, it’s a perfect time to go out. Groceries got, and whatnot done, it can be more purely gadabout time.

I asked yesterday on FB, ‘What, life maintanance again? What about eating boxboard recycling as starch and laundry as greens?’ and got the excellent suggestion of eat out. That we did. I finally got a decent picture in the low lighting of Sweet Art. Progress proceeds in its usual wobby distracted but generally forward way.

Glad Game: Rapid Fire 13 Thursday Edition: Thirteen Things I’m Glad For:
1. Baseboard heater after I forget its winter and prop my feet on the window glass. 2. Pasta in the pantry. 3. That mom will take the initiative to call. 4. Library requests have come in. 5. Longer days. 6. A solid night’s sleep even with the dreams of civil war. 7. The happiness of people accepting donations for the food bank. 8. Books coming in the mail. 9. Prospect of seeing friends tomorrow. 10. kids 11. random recipe generator (and I do mean random). 12. when a poem comes quickly. 13. back slipping into place.

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Quote: “No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to
discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not.” ~ H.L. Mencken at QB

21 Jan 2011, 5:05pm
General Photos

Scavenger Hunt

January collage
I finished this Scavenger Hunt.

1. A thermometer — from the local store
2. Something with stripes — an escalator. I shoulder checked before the photo. no one. as I walked away a man approached and asked if there was a problem, pointing to his chest crest and saying, he’s the Otis guy.
3. Something handmade — A letter from our nephew
4. Money from your country — a 1923 shinplaster
5. A keepsake from childhood — red bead/pendant described below.
6. New Year — so that’s where those paper crowns come from!
7. Mirror image — As I had the tripod set up at someone’s roadside garbage to get the shot, a car honked at me. Being conspicuous again, am I?
8. Bread — bagette made by hubby
9. Bonnet, cap or hat — a toque knit by a friend’s grandmother when I was 11 and a scarf knitted by a friend more recently.
10. Shopping bag from a local store 

11. Something written in sand/dirt/mud/grass/stones etc.
12. Nothing like the real thing — I collected monkeys for a while, cut back and am getting more again.
13. Arch 
— I can’t see that word in isolation without expecting a holodeck to show control panels.
14. Something you did in the year 2010 — wore out a pair of shoes undeniably. Got new pair.
15. Salad — from the Manx

I like a challenge. It gives me ideas to do things outside of my habit, like recording these childhood keepsakes:
childhood keepsakes
A perfect river stone, a jewelry box from somewhere an aunt had been, a small jewelry box in which I keep tears from 1989, a promise ring from 1992 and this pendant.

The tears of ’89? I was crying in a church until a woman nudged me into the church office to speak to a priest. He heard me out for I don’t know how long but ended up convincing me that perhaps my life wasn’t destroyed because I may have failed a test.

The plastic pear-cut bead from when I was small. I wore it on a chain for years. The way it catches sun still entrances me.

Quote: “When you’re forced to be simple, you’re forced to face the real problem. When you can’t deliver ornament, you have to deliver substance.” — Paul Graham, Taste for Makers [via Sensinct]

20 Jan 2011, 12:17pm

Thirteen Thursday: Newly Noticed

  1. Finally took my version of a photo of the new Chinatown arch:
    chinatown entry
  2. Good to know that crumpled wool shoved into a ball is fixable. That crumpled kilt’s spin of pleats went back to neat after being hung in the humidity of the bathroom for a couple days.
  3. Holding things constant is such a useful device so long as the attention is in the right place. I used to think I was allergic to wool because I got a rash, but what I didn’t notice was that I was overheating; it was a heat rash but I stuck to fake fibres for years, rather being cold than itchy. Layers are far better.
  4. Knowledge is pow—, well, it’s something. For instance knowing my credit card is not broken but with a chip that allows me to punch in my PIN wrong 3 times over the life of the card before it locks me out. Oh boy, looks like I’ll have to find a brick and mortar bank (huh, those still exist?) to reset the thing and keep the address for future ref. Why is the only person trying ever to hack my accounts, me?
  5. Playing Tetris I can see the feedback of my mind at work. Rehearse stories to myself and it takes no mental work that distracts from game. Try to let my mind work some new understanding out and I blow out within a few levels. Let fret press in and I wipe out in a couple.
  6. Distraction and attraction = away pulling or be pulled towards. Being distracted by attraction is structurally two simultaneous directions of motion, conflicted (being struck with/against). There’s clues of how things work strewn everywhere in etymology.
  7. twist zoom
    Hello from hubby. Focus with a twist zoom. Just as well that it isn’t extreme; a zoom effect done well makes me dizzy looking at a still image.
  8. Hard to say which is more frustrating. Dealing with natural light and sun and shadow disappearing just when I finally have the framing, or my own lack of technical skill with indoor lighting set up. Mechanical learning curves should have wind up monkeys to assist shouldn’t they?
  9. shinplaster
    A 1923 shinplaster with the goddess Britannia which is apparently slightly less common than dirt, depending on the dirt.
  10. The cost of living may have gone up 12x since then but cash only went up 5x, if mint condition which it isn’t. That seems odd somehow.
  11. Good news. Yesterday is over, thanks be to calendar. Sure, “today” can start any second but that two-bandaid-alert day of nicks, self and food separately burned, wall-door-collisions, laying out clothes for after shower (3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks and no shirt, what?), — and the planet’s moved on.
  12. Book in the mail! Woo, Geof Huth‘s NTST arrived. p. 49



  13. That link pointed also to this Shearsman title by Maryrose Larkin which has as its title poem (p. 17) this parting thought:

    The name of this intersection is frost broken up

    heavy spar reign       heavy phrase ravishment
                                  strands careening

    let us unfurl instead: weather
                              see also river

    see also   self   and the less restricted sense

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Quote: “He’s the type who makes mountains out of molehills and then sells
climbing equipment.” ~ Ivern Ball

15 Jan 2011, 4:31pm
Photos Ponderings

Glancing Around

Been doing a lot of cooking and playing with camera. And combinations thereof.


Been editing poems in what feels like slow motion. Editing photos, mostly for 365 trying to learn properties of image.

I seem to be in a haphazard wander and a.d.d.-styled grope for what image has what kind of energy.

I migrated to new software: Aperture. iPhoto seemed to be a little stressed under the weight of 48,000 photos. Aperture can do a bit more detail in photo tweaking.

Some systemic approach with a comprehensive exploration out from some node might prove useful, for photography or poetry.

It seems that to be a halfway proficient beginner at anything causes a propelling to be called good and therefore needing to teach, being past the call of needing to learn. (But one always needs to learn. ) I suppose that’s fine so long as one is also having mentors further along pulling upwards as well.

It seems there’s an infinite amount in every direction I don’t have a grasp on. I’m impatient to do and be better and more often but that’s just enough to keep me reaching and not enough to demoralize much.

I’ve got a fire under my butt for 40-Word Years again. I’ve got a couple weeks of dailies for there coming up.

Funny how that keeps petering out and I decide that the project’s about done for good, fine. It’s run since Feb. ’08. Maybe that’s all. (I aim to wrap in June ’11 or March ’12 but projects have a natural life that I can’t determine.) Then I get another burst of memories, realizations.

There’s a few readings and performances coming up over the next week or so. Nice to have something in the schedule rather than this entirely shapeless mass. Marks to hit other than my self-imposed deadlines to hit or shift help give structure to time. I need time without tight structures so I can uncoil but a certain amount of pressure to keep the spring in the step too.

It feels like a good place to be in life. Many communication channels within self and with friends or family seem more open and trusting and vigorous than they’ve ever been. A lot of balances among mind, heart, body, creativity, progress and rest, inwards, outwards, social and solitude, practical and dream.

Quote: “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” ~ Joseph Brodsky

6 Jan 2011, 9:32pm
Glad Game Photos

Glad Game: Small Joys

love returned graffiti
Reciprocated love, reciprocated graffiti. Awww.

Glad Game: Small Joys
Graffiti like that up there. And that this should be what people need to share. Good city.

To go grocery shopping and come out with under $4 of groceries.

To go home, search everywhere, realize I must have lost the vanilla beans en route. Going back to the store and the clerk remembering us and producing the vanilla bean with a note wrapped around it. Clerk, immd.

We got the readings and press pages updated with text and photos.

The comedy of errors which is writing a piece of paper. Step 1: write it. Step 2: print it. Step 3: realize there are typos. Step 4: realize computer has crashed and lost file. Step 5: By the time I get back to retyping, printer breaks. Step 6: By the time the printer works, what was I correcting here?

That aarrgh is an authorized scrabble word.

Thinking about poetry and meaning.

A soup that entirely worked. Redeeming hope that I can make soup. (That’ll post in tomorrow’s Eaten Up.) It needs constant attention or it sticks. It’s a good meditation but a hard discipline to keep my attention in one place for 15 minutes. Gratifying payoff tho.

A sparkly tulle dress and the discipline to not buy it. I didn’t even buy any of the sparkly shoes. (Impulse control, you are mine.)

Taking turns reading a book aloud. It doesn’t matter that the book was written by someone who only has a vague passing knowledge of Star Trek despite being an authorized episode novel. Side chatter and corrections to the text is just part of the experience.

Those horrendously pink and fluffy socks are a better alternative than wearing the dirty socks. Never wear them, huh? Mm, words, eating them is tasty, fibrous even.

When a photo works straight off of the camera. It’s less work and that gut-level yes and that sense of resonance is much of what I seek in life.

Quote: “Deficiency motivation doesn’t work. It will lead to a life-long pursuit
of try to fix me. Learn to appreciate what you have and where and who you are.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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