24 Feb 2011, 10:35am
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13 Things, Apart from the Obvious

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What’s that line about stars suggesting about friends?

  1. They look like they’re right here but actually they’re millions of miles away.
  2. They’re heavy and full of gas?
  3. It is far easier to find them in the country than the city.
  4. They tend to hang out in funny constellations.
  5. Some might actually be a world of their own, a travelling planet of unimaginable wonders.
  6. Compared to a light bulb, they may look dim, but up close they’re actually quite bright and hot.
  7. Sunny days or stormy nights, you’d better just content yourself with memories. They won’t be in sight.
  8. They might have gone supernovae long ago but you evidence won’t reach you until long after you’re gone.
  9. You have them mapped. You know where to find them and can backtrack to find out everywhere they’ve ever been.
  10. Who looks the brightest may just be bigger by proximity than actual luminosity.
  11. We’re all moving fast thru this universe, but they’re light years ahead of you.
  12. That twinkle is a special something between the two of you not anything attached to either of you.
  13. You might want to ask them, are you Sirius? really?


In truth, they are more precious the titanium they may contain, with bigger hearts than you can imagine and are more beautiful than any one of them would believe of themselves.

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