Photo Challenges and Life’s Ease

I’m the 4th to finish the monthly photo scavenger hunt for February.

Goose’s challenge for an Abcedarian of February for self-portraits is almost done too. W had me stuck (with visions of paper cut outs of the letter handed off to volunteers or just inexplicably saying the day was sponsored by the letter W) until I thought of the obvious — writers.

(Wait, second thought I’ll save you a click and just put that shot of the 3 readers below instead.)

It was wonky lighting, dark flashed with street traffic, with blue gel on one direction of lighting and red gel over another. I’m glad I got some useable image out of it.

And from the reading itself, it was good to be there. Lots of welcoming faces and the place was jammed with standing room only, which for the venue starts around 50 people. A good time. Too bad I can’t get back next week as well since it’s Margaret Christakos, Adam Seelig and Mark Truscott but by then Ottawa will be in the midst of VERSeFest.

Oy, I’ve had a scattered week so far as sleep. Hope to get that topped up this weekend. I can hardly have grounds for complaining in life.

milling cocoa beans
I got back to Soma and saw the cocoa butter being milled from the bean. (No relationship between cocoa and sleep I’m sure. ;p)

I was thinking as I travelled, isn’t it funny how once you figure out your logic, things are in a logical place. Like buildings. They’re often (but seemingly not always) just where you left them. Still, to be me is to have a life where one could get lost inside a small, wet paper sack. There’s no reliable knack for second guessing. Yet goodness comes in droves, like embodiment of buffalo plains of the 1700s it comes. From any direction people come to my aid, friend or stranger.

It’s been a week of good people, good conversations, good moods, good foods. Lots to do and not an overwhelming amount. The promise of various projects coming together to a sweet spot. Words even cooperating with me. Train travel and no need for gravol among all this tumult of plans. And enough fortune to make one suspicious of the next corner, but that would superstitious. So we won’t fret in that direction quit yet, right?


Have yourself a great weekend.

Quote: “Every time I see a nonprofit or company using social tools, my brain reminds me that there’s no such being as nonprofits and companies – there’s only a network of people doing work under the same name with the same goals. Social media belongs to real humans doing a very human activity – connecting with one another over shared interests.” ~ Wendy Harman

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