Evening Plans

Evenings come thumping quickly on the heels of dawn even when days are longer. They’re no Ginger Rogers, these clumsy days.

wind in the skirt
Wind in the skirt collage among the scents of lilac and apple blossoms.

I said I’d say more on the Japanese/Russian music last week. The concert post at Local Tourist Ottawa is now up. [I’m an irregular columnist there.] Read more about the next concert tonight at the 4th Stage with Jaap Blonk and Playback at the NAC 4th Stage.

upper walkway
Late day bridge silhouette. It’s extraordinary how vacant the city became after the long weekend ended.

Amanda did a write up on my reading on Sunday. It’s here.

I hope Plato got it wrong but it’s something to weigh: All learning has an emotional base.”

Quote: “How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever.” ~ David B. Norris ” [via Carmi]

23 May 2011, 8:13pm

Petal to the Mettle

still life tulips
Much could be said, and already has been, but silences press around the petals as much as if they were immersed in water.

Is a flower poetry, or the paying attention?

Quote: “It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silences around things.” -Mallarmé

19 May 2011, 4:44pm
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Tokyo Taiga at the AB Series at the NAC’s 4th Stage last night…from left to right Koichi Makigami on the theremin, Bolot Bairyshev, an Altaic throat singer and Massa Sato a Japanese percussionist. I’ll write up more shortly.

The next show for AB Series is Jaap Blonk and Playback on May 25

A flyer gives tips on maintenance to

Keep the Sparkle

A pearl is organic, subject to deterioration. Overexposure to soap, detergent, hairspray and perfume can result in a loss of lustre. Oil from the skin adds to the pearl’s lustre, so they should be worn often. […] Only clean pearls with warm water and a soft cloth.

Will endeavour to.

Quote: “Never trust the artist. Trust the tale. The proper function of a critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it.” ~D.H. Lawrence

15 May 2011, 9:26pm
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The trees are alive.

white trillium
Our provincial flower is blooming.

The duckling balls are running.

planet coffee's pipeline
Planet Coffee has a pipeline. 😉

Film Short: a 7 minute short to warm the heart in Marry Me about an 8-year old and the object of her affection.

Quote: “The world is too small now for bad reporting.[…] “Talk about citizen journalism. You don’t want your gallbladder out by a citizen surgeon.” ~ Mort Rosenblum edition 81 of Monocle weekly talking about his book Little Bunch of Madman

13 May 2011, 9:33am
Glad Game Photos
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The Good Stuff

pastoral, outtake
Making time to be outside and together. Long enough apart to miss each other and regret the petty. Close enough together to appreciate the low mists that cling to bodies of particularness of scent.

robin with nest material
The new lens is amazing. That’s closer than I’ve ever been to a robin.

Fingers in the soil and new spring planting, herbs and flowers.

The seagulls who rode the current downstream to the whitewater turbulence then flew back upstream and rode down backwards to the same spot. Like otters on a muddy bank, they played it over and again.

Time out can have many shapes. One night of stars, no clouds. No noise for two nights. The green blossom of small trees below.

An article by David Harsent in the current Magma Poetry that causes a full stop of reflection. What are the flashpoints? Can we shape them? Do they come after us and we only imagine we choose things? Is that magical thinking like pre-destiny or inevitability?

can unkicked
Decompression time. Sky.

Seeing a turtle and not ending up with a 3-bicycle pile up because I pointed before I braked and swerved and the lady behind wasn’t perturbed just gave a smile at the turtle too.

Asian Heritage Month had an evening of photos from a China tour from the RA Centre photography group. A pleasant evening and there is more coming of dance of the Punjab, movies from Turkey, photography exhibit from Vietnam…most events are free and some give free refreshments on top of that.

Quote: “A fixed image of the future is in the worst sense a historical.” ~ Juliet Mitchell

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