24 Aug 2011, 1:04pm
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And off we dance

The Dancing Bear sculpture with a poem fed [embiggen to see] into the image thru black-text.com/ [via Presurfer]

Glad Game: I rather like twitter and The Onion, more so the latter.

I also am rather fond of the cover of my forthcoming chapbook with Corrupt Press: Mammals of Hoarfrost. The design inside looks lovely instead. Working with someone can be a pleasure.

I finally got my hands on the newly released Lighting the Global Lantern, a handbook for what is sometimes called “eastern forms of poetry”, which I am lucky enough to have one of my poems in as an exemplar.

A weekend of workshopping was challenging, 8 hour days for 3 days, thru paces of tires, but there was a lot of laughing and getting to know people as well. Time well-spent is a rare valuable thing.

A jail is defined as confined with too little of use to do; Much to do today, which I think also counts as a cause for gladness.

A warm crowd out last night for the quadumvirate reading, quick-paced, objectively and subjectively, and an excellent open mic with Luminita and Shai.

My own oratory skills seems to build painfully slowly from the inside, but one’s own life passes in slow motion and other lives in time lapse. Let’s call that good.

Apparently I could belt it to the back of the room with clarity of speech so there’s some distance travelled in the aimed for direction.

Locals should be prepared for shock: I tasted my first falafel in a shawarma wrap this week. For non-locals, Ottawa is the national epicentre of shawarma. Throw a stick and it skips the roofs of a few shops in the downtown. I’ve been here 20 years and never had one. And it was good. The company was good. I was famished and I think it was more than seasoning of appetite. Jolly joking staff. The Oregano garlic sauce was good. Good flavours and textures. Neat idea. And those pink things are?

Quote: “Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood and nearly as blamable.” ~
Hosea Ballou

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