30 Oct 2011, 9:57am
General Glad Game Photos

Glad Game: Beauty in Motion and Stillness

Sunset Ottawa Rideau Canal
My spring photo of the Rideau Canal last year. (It’s been drained for the season again.)

Glad Game: Our container gardening tomato harvest was brought in before the heavy frost of last night.

Next season we’ll be in a house with land and garden and perhaps even cold frames. A ginko tree and office for him and office for me to look at gardening plans thru the long winter.

Excuses to look at interior design shops and sites. So many beautiful light fixtures in the world.

Our place is sold with a moving date in December. It looks beautiful. Knowing we’re leaving we can see it freshly again.

Got to meet the cutest little tot yesterday and we earnestly discussed the merits of different colors and shapes of pebbles. (And saw the delightful tall one who goes with the tot.)

The reading I hosted Thursday was cozy and friendly. Amazing amount of talent. Great to meet some new people and have time to sit and chat a while.

There are pics of the reading at the current top of my Flickr starting here and going towards more recent.

In/Words people make radio shows of their readings on CKCU and they make a podcast of that. That’s clever and helpful. Jordan Chevalier and Stephen Brockwell’s poems are up.

VerseFest 2012 now has a date: 28 Feb through 4 Mar.

I’ve tweeted over 1000 times now.

38 Life Lessons learned by age 38 at Zen Habits was this from Leo: “[don’t] crank out tasks as if they were widget machines. […] focus on what you love. Do it lovingly.”

The crock pot soup overnight seems to have worked. Could fiddle with it more.

I get to see a friend for lunch tomorrow.

Micro Impressions #4
Photo by Brian of the bouquet. It has a painting quality to it, doesn’t it?

Quote: Maurice Chevalier on why he preferred personal appearances to films: “The cinema is rather like a beautiful woman whom you would court only by telephone.”

24 Oct 2011, 10:17pm
General Social Issues

The Other Women’s Day

snow fence
Why does this seem so soon?

Time on fast forward and slow motion simultaneously. Thank goodness there’s not mechanical gears behind that metaphor or we’d need a mechanic.

You may recall that on Oct. 18th, 1929, women were declared “persons” under Canadian law. Well, the white ones were. Japanese and East Indian women would have to wait nearly 2 decades more and Native women in Quebec would be delayed until 1960.

The historic first step of legal victory of 1929 is due to the persistence and pressure of, not a surge of 99% but five Alberta individuals from among the small percent who felt a need to speak and see change. In this case, Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards.

CBC Archives notes,

Lord Chancellor of England’s Privy Council, announced the unanimous decision. It stated “the exclusion of women from all public offices is a relic of days more barbarous than ours. And to those who would ask why the word ‘person’ should include females, the obvious answer is, why should it not?”

So, what have we all done with such personhood under the law in the intervening generations?

As of 2010, Canada ranked 50th in the world for women’s participation in politics, with women holding just 23 per cent of the seats in federal, provincial and territorial legislatures. Women in Canadian politics aren’t common. (And women’s existence can’t just be par for course in field, without someone making a she a talking point for boobies on display, by existing under cloth.) Women entrepreneurs are 17% in export sector and with 47% of Small/Medium Enterprises possessing some degree of female owners. Why is there such marked differences in sector when until grade 8 at least, children get the same school education at least.

When will children get suffrage and when will women fully use theirs?

Good News, Bad News Game: B: Life is too short to match socks. G: I know what sock I like and I can buy in bulk and buy the rack of inventory and not need to buy socks again for a while. G: I got 6 pair of organic 98% cotton navy diabetic sock. G: I took it home and tore off all the packaging. G: I lined them up in the drawer and threw out the trash. B: I bought the wrong size. G: Someone else would like a gift of 5 pairs of small socks?

Quote: “Credit is a system whereby a person who can not pay gets another person
who can not pay to guarantee that he can pay.” ~ Charles Dickens at QB

21 Oct 2011, 2:10pm

A wowser kind of week

stress ball
The stress ball popped popped. The grains are round and turn to gel when wet. And do they scatter.

(The rubber burst from age not rage.)

emails, tidy number
That’s kinda impressive. Tidy, round number. Fortunately that’s my subscription/notification/public access/junk mail account.

Cleaning our schtuff. My goodness we’ve accumulated. Because we so recently spent weeks living out of two changes of clothes and a suitcase, it seems more marked than it normally would be. What I’d really love to find is that piece of paper I just touched. In my hand just two days ago. I can picture it precisely but my photographic memory has myopia and I can’t being into focus those key words I jotted down, nor picture where my gesture set the reminder. Tantalizingly out of reach. A scanner chip on every object and an in-house database and card sensor with a you’re-getting-warmer, no-colder sort of indicator would be ever so handy, even if google would probably be the team to make it and log all the data.

Oy, my brain feels furry. Fluffy bunny brain. It’s not answering questions on why it woke me at 5:30 a.m. (as in a. absolututely and m. as in madly-unearthly-hour.)

The writers fest has begin. The relit awards start at 9:30 p.m. (plus, poet time, add a half hour or so). I’m gonna need a nap.

Alexander Pope said, “all looks yellow to a jaundiced eye”, but if you wear rose coloured glasses over that, what does that up to? Off-puce? Peachy? Guess it depends on how dark of rose.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for Best of Ottawa before November starts. Or just read it. It has the short list of recommended in a lot of categories.

Quote: “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a
rightly timed pause.” ~ Mark Twain

14 Oct 2011, 10:07pm

Daily Radar

Thursday was only yesterday? Some days seem good-long.

Saw friends. Got to catch up and hang out.

Got some walkabout in the misty rain. Even though it’s cooler than it was, it is still warm and comfortable.

Got to have a couple sweet phone chats. Who knows, one day I may relearn to love the phone.

Got a couple outstanding tasks of find/record poems and send them done and sent off. I even listened to the sound of my own voice without wanting to scrape my own ears off with a blunt stone. Progress by one name or another.

Got caught up on some email. Not all the way, but closer.

Went deep into the heat of house search, which we’ve been stepping up over the last 3 months.

I feel like a fireman on standby. Any sign of a promising house for sale & we’re out the door to check it up. Photo/vid listings are a start but seeing a place in person shows other things.

Home is where you do your daily. As Theodore Roethke said, “There are those to whom place in unimportant,/ But this place, where sea and fresh water meet,/ Is important—”

Got Dan Weber’s sestinas in the mail. He has made more than known particles in the universe. What little delights. I think I’ll read one a day for a while. (I got 50.)

Got the issue of Gusts in the mail so drank in a few tanka. Still two books due to come in the mail haven’t come and the breadcrumbs thrown in advance of them…anyhew.

Found this picture from 7 years ago when looking for another one:
boss from hell gives fair warning?
Boss from hell gives fair warning?

Found this picture in my archives:
tree toad
This tree frog is willing himself to become white vinyl siding.

Quote: “Beauty is in the limbic system of the beholder.” ~ Richard Seymour at TED

Thirteen Thursday: Drawing Board of Words

It’s Thirteen Thursday time. How about a set on writing?

  1. You missed a simply brilliant post. You’ll never know how much so. It was as brilliant as all things that are speculative or lost to the past must be, growing in glory proportional to growing out of reach.
  2. I’m missing it myself. I’d like to give it a second read.
  3. My cookies are set up wrong so when I pause, edit, pause, edit, press publish, WordPress says, excuse me, who are you? We have this that we autosaved thing from an hour ago. Will that do? Ummmm,…
  4. mmmm….no.
  5. I can copy before I press publish or use MarsEdit which actually is better for html since it does multicolor text to make sure I don’t leave a nested link without an a, but eh.
  6. I heard the rhythm come of a poem that keeps teasing me. I can’t quite reach it. Wonder how many hours walking until it rises to the tongue?
  7. “As I listen for the ajar to pulse – I am not awakened by topics – but by typos” ~ Phil Hall, p.83, Killdeer
  8. “Orwell was convinced that no-nonsense sentences could fix all the gobbledygook// They can’t — Plain English is just another propaganda costume” ~ Phil Hall, Killdeer, p. 76, thinking about George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language , (1946)
  9. “The self and its effluvia – emotion – need not be present in writing. Possible but not necessary. The effluvia of some writing is the self, the way the broken mirror or the empty window are effulgentia of light. There may be emotion without the self. Or vice versa.”~ Gary Barwin in Words Cannot Express
  10. The Zorras of Edinburgh are on their North American tour and are in Kingston tonight and Ottawa on the 15th, an evening of them and Camille Martin.
  11. In interview Zorras said, “Toronto highlights include The Art Bar (after which some amazing guy ran down the street after us and handed us money)”
  12. That’s the news. How about some cousins at Thanksgiving who [reaching for a tangent here] may become writers:
  13. surrounded by family
  14. where she go?

Have a great weekend and sweet deep breathed time before it arrives.

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