30 Dec 2011, 11:29pm
General Glad Game

Blessings Count

This blessings count is of the week.

Gentle amusements like,
one crazy flame
A quiet night with lights down low. And in the row of candles one crazy flame hissing and popping with a blaze to fill its little tin boat.

Our first home delivery food bin. Several fewer decisions we have to make.

We have birdseed and a feeder ready to be hung.

Falling asleep where the loudest sound is his heartbeat.

The walls that are more soundproofed from one to the next than our old building between units or floors.

My own office set up. We each have our own offices ready to use. More to do but that’s ok too.

The small joy of walking to the store in homemade xmas mittens.

The bonus pleasure of not being panhandled at, told to smile, complimented on clothes or being cursed out by the same. Neighbourhood cats instead.

The realization that I don’t have the chance to be stuck in an elevator with an an absent neighbour’s trail of perfume or cologne cloud, my chest constriction and resulting headache. Woo.

I can go outside without impediment (apart from the 4 layers of clothes).

But tomorrow we go up to rain-warm day.

And I can come back into a bathtub of bigger scale and salts enough to emulate the red sea.

And pop popcorn in a working microwave.

Love the simple pleasure of pottering away, putting the herbs and spices back into alphabetical order, relabelling jars, transferring baggies of mix into proper glass containers, sorting the cookbooks and adding labels to spiral bound ones so they can be found.

I’m making carrot peelings that will be composted instead of landfilled. I’m making earth. How magical is that?

The comedy of stray thoughts: What use does it have, that hair gets oily just hours past the regular interval of showers? No shower must mean social chaos and a potentially cut off food supply chain so the body starts generating sustenance so others may lick oil off your head? Is that it? Have I cracked the evolutionary code of logic?

Emailing with friends.

learning soduko with gramma
Gladness game unto itself would be the time spent with family. (Here our nephew learns sudoko with his gramma.)

Quiet and Cohen are compatible.

Vinyl Cafe goodness, and The Once on Nov 1 doing an a cappella cover version of Coming Back To You, which is on iTunes as a podcast. [No idea how to link to that.]

I’ve tweeted or retweeted 1200 times.
A nod towards 3 projects I was involved with in Amanda’s favourite chapbooks list.

I wrote a poem. Just when I decided I was fine if I write nothing of consequence between one June and the next, along comes another I like. Wonder if it will keep happening but hardly care if it does or doesn’t. A relationship that is only chase doesn’t reward. I’ve done pursuing.

As niece chanted as she hopped like her totem, the frog, “not my problem” (hop) “not my problem”. Wisdom from the mouth of babes.

One arm is extended with catcher’s mitt to catch a lung as the other links arms with bronchitis to enter 2012. Perhaps this strange gemini is not to last that long. Today I coughed less than I have in 10 days. Just when I resign myself to another 1 or 2 weeks of stretched sternum and horrible tasting expectorant, I turn a corner towards well.

Happy new year. May it be healthy, happy, busy and bright.

Quote: ““When you welcome what you’ve been running from, your life is no longer shaped by trying to avoid it.” ~ Kim Rosen [via Colleen]

25 Dec 2011, 9:05pm

Happy Holidays

tree lights
Christmas took 3 months to arrive zooms past in hours.

xmas light display
Peace, health, happiness and humour for the new year.

Quote: “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” ~ Richard Bach

16 Dec 2011, 7:41am

Moving on over

the poetry section
The poetry section is temporarily closed.

The new place has little good surprises, like the outdoor furniture left behind, and a jar of honey, which seems emblematic.

Much lugging and rearranging to go, but we’re underway.

Quote: “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” ~ Willie Nelson

14 Dec 2011, 3:06pm

Merry Chaos to All

We get possession of the new place tomorrow. We haven’t moved yet and are not settled. (I caused so much confusion by announcing we were going to move too far in advance.)

Ah, what a merry chaos. So many iterations of oh-that’s-where-that-went.

So very many boxes. And so very many to go.

When in Toronto on the weekend, we hazarded a trip to Soma chocolatier, being unaware that it was set in the heart of the Toronto Christmas Market.

Toronto Christmas Market
One person in the mass of crowd said he’d heard an estimate of 15,000 people being there. Insanity. We bailed as fast as a leaf in whitewater can find shore.

Can I actually dehydrate my lips via hands dried by papery things? Can the moisture wick right out my fingertips, withdrawing from my bladder until it extrudes an orange cream? Nonsense makes the time pass.

Your first thought may be best thought, but mine’s lunacy. Hypochondriac is first off the mark, usually fouling.

3 days of exhaustion and sore throat and lost or weak voice and I’m thinking strep throat is back and me without access to my wallet and health card, getting flashbacks to camping in the U.S., stuck away from the free health system, but not stuck away from the internet where I learn strep throat can be fatal if untreated.

Another day further along I wake up with a full head cold. Seriously? I felt like I was going to die because of the common cold? (How embarrassing.)

At least in cleaning out my desk I found kleenex packages. Part of my brain thought we were moving mid-November and I stored winter boots, Christmas cards, and excess medicine cabinet things like lozenges and kleenex in the storage locker.

We bought new Christmas card packages rather than dig but it seems unlikely I’ll make it thru my whole Christmas card list again this year.

We got our shipment from the lighting company. Yay! Except it is someone else’s order of a lampshade. Nay! At least the company was suitable horrified and looking into it.

Ay, me off and running again–

btw, I’ve made posts over at pesbo, Flickr and Eaten Up but posts will probably get decidedly sporadic for a couple weeks as we move.

Quote: “There are mighty few people who think what they think they think.” ~ Robert Henri at QB

6 Dec 2011, 9:45pm

Book Scanning and Elvish Pressedly

I don’t normally cross-post with Eaten Up but this photo is one of my favorites that I’ve taken in a while. Grilled potatoes. I like them potatoes just fine.

One way to do it; Simple. Make it simpler. Simplify it again.

Or do it complex to the necessary degree to satisfy oneself.

How example? I used a combo of phonetic translating into Elvish of the pen name I chose for myself in grade 3 for my novels and as middle names used this generator of Elvish names based on trade, characteristics, etc. And then looked at the type of nicknames Santa Elves use. Elf names are mostly lame. Keebler Elves not included.

Why you might ask? Because the Advent Book Blog asked what my Elf name would be? I won the Malcolm Gladwell book set. Awesomeness, eh?

On the geek side, I’m smitten with an app: Delicious Library 2. I can use my iSight to scan the bar codes of every book and inventory again. It doesn’t work for magazines or most chapbooks, but still, I’m back to where I was in 1989 with a catalogued library and this time no smudged pencil or ink.

It calls up the data of cover and publisher, year. If it isn’t pinged up by the camera I can add the isbn or search for the title or add the data myself but it had all but about 1/2 a percent of them so far. I can find out how many of what publisher I have, without having to find the book. Which is sometimes all I want. I’ve been digging the categories out. Cooking with design, poetry with biology. No way to chip everything so I can use a detector to find something. That would be an advance. I could tag socks so I could meter there out from under the sofa, or the fine paper recycling. But one advance is enough for a day.

Actually I got a bonus triple-yay-day. You may have seen on FB or twitter or at pesbo, interview of me is up at OpenBook thanks to the newly engaged and always engaging rob mclennan.

And thirdly, the Tree Press Chapbook I’m editing is about to get printed. And just in time for the holiday gift buying, eh?

Count down to starting to move house: 9 days…

Quote: “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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