Seeking the Sweetest Spots

snow again
Deep thick snow.

It is rather a pleasure to shovel. It’s good to balance book work with body work.

I’m trying to keep life balanced and be productive which shouldn’t be a paradox, right?

A friend extended the parable of spoons to consider the other half of the equation. If energy is spoons, and you have limited number, you can watch how you use your spoons, yes, but also, consider, what washes your spoons? What renews your energy? Rest, eating, sleep, laughter, good friends, finding the workflow to ride, pleasures of mind and body. Part of the equation is doing things you feel worthwhile.

Coming this week: Collected Works chapbook launch. Air Out/In Air: 21 Poets for the Guatamala Stove Project is the chapbook I edited, designed and published for proceeds to building stove in Guatemala. So far two families are now so equipped thanks to people buying poetry. This seems like good energy towards good energy.

This round will have readings by Amanda Earl, Mike Montreuil, Allison Armstrong, Luminita Suse, and rob mclennan. What a lovely position to be in to publish poets and poems that I admire. And to do so with groups I enjoy. In this case Collected Works, an indie bookstore which in the time of closures is growing, not shrinking.

A second reading in April will have different readers including Czandra from Quebec, Monty Reid and Shai Ben Shalom. In this case it will be with SLOWest (Sustainable Living, Ottawa West) who have monthly coffeehouses to bring the old salon feel and social justice, entertainment and community under one roof, at Bridgehead.

Coming on Tuesday, January the 24th is the official Ottawa launch of Thirsts at Tree. (Somehow in the mad shuffle of fall, we aren’t getting around to this until now.) I believe this is the day that Tree unveils the winner of the chapbook competition as well for new writers. Also on the 24th at the Tree workshops we’ll do an editing round where people bring in two unrelated poems and we pillage them for parts to mash up and make a third new salvage operation poem. Hopefully the parts will exceed the original two wholes.

Friday is the Ottawater launch and Saturday is the Ottawa Women’s poetry slam. Then things slow down for a while for special event. March 2 when I read at VERSeFest. The versefest site launched a couple days ago announcing the who, when and wheres.

Watching my energies but I should remember I don’t have to. My body will tap my shoulder. It has no compunction about doing so.

Quote: “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” ~ Anatole France in The Red Lily, 1894 [via Mandy Hiscocks]

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