21 Feb 2012, 12:02pm
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Taking a page from Luna’s The Mending Year, starting the day on a quiet foot, taking the advice of Julian Treasure on 5 ways to listen better, taking in the quiet, listening to layers of sound.

I’m starting the day with useful.

After 3 months on the lam, I found the sewing kit(!) in one of the very many possible logical places to put it. Apparently a built-in cabinet has 2 drawers not 1 and a false front panel. Woo, we have needles again.

Closing up an open seam. I got some straight pins to hold it even and closed as if I were a real seamstress. Got that sewn up. 😉

What a beautiful piece of cloth. I feel extremely lucky. Thanks to Zoom, my closet has a boost of beauty again. I wore the black one out to the pub last night. Because, why not.

For another shalwar kameez, I re-used the unpinned bow from a bouquet of flowers. Knotted on each end it made a drawstring to make the shalwar stay up. For another, I had a cord in a drawer from who knows what, but it fit.

A scarf (or when in Pakistani clothes, dupatta) I have from a tattered beadwork kameez matches the blue one fairly well.

According to these people, “A salwar kameez is incomplete without a dupatta. Salwar kameez with dupatta is called salwar dupatta. Dupatta is a rectangular piece of cloth, embroided or plain measuring two and a half to three down the back or wrapped around the shoulder.”

The art of keeping the dupatta in place is a whole art form to itself.

Quote: “When things come to the worse, they generally mend.” ~Susanna Moodie

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