20 Mar 2012, 5:12pm

A few sprout in the dark

I never was good at leaving well enough alone. As a kid had to lift stones, carry a bunch home, tilt roadkill, watch the larvae grow. Last time we had a garden I got as much pleasure from identifying the seed leaf of pigweed as corn and let them all grow. A free for all and deer were invited.

So, that brings me to this: there’s this ground cover we inherited. Our neighbour said the black plastic was to kill areas of the yard, depriving it of sun so that new planting could be done.

tarp covered sprouts
Lifting an area there was a bunch of this twisting for light. What was it? Runners from the tree trying to make a forest of itself? I removed some of the cloth from an area.

Millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, spiders. All kinds of fellows started running about. The sky is lifting. The sky is lifting!

Hello earthworm. A lot of the ground is loose rich soil, due in no small part to restless hungry fellas like this one.

Somehow I managed to get covered in dirt up to my knees and elbows again. The ground isn’t boggy. I’m not quite sure how I managed to get quite so covered. (But then, cooking with flour it sometimes looks like a wheat mill explosion too.)

Coming back to those sprouts, a few days later, what have we?
Chewed tulips. A whole corner of the yard trying to get to bloom. What we are suspicious of growing was flower. An object lesson there if there ever was one.

I yanked a bunch more of the cloth off. The heat collection without light has done a good job at composting leaf litter.

Quote: “Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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