15 Mar 2012, 5:08pm
General Thirteen Thursday


Things that confused me as they whipped past:

  1. Who ate a container of chocolate? Inch by inch, row by row, methinks I know and so do you. (Hiding the rest.)
  2. I can’t understand why we have two Thursday back-to-back. Some new variant of leap year?
  3. What, a whole week has passed?
  4. Good thing we can get whiplash from travel thru space but not travel thru time. Unless that explains the crick in my neck; passing thru time: I’m doing it wrong??
  5. That cat with the furry collar zipped past me when I went inside. He had little interest in us, but curiosity about everything else. There was a bang and scramble sound and a vent fallen into its duct. Oh no, do we have a stranger’s cat lost in our heating system? There’s cat standing nonchalantly as if that sound had nothing to do with him, no sirree and the bites on the plant leaf? The cat’s humble opinion is that there must be plant lice. Yepper. And out the door he goes again, consultation over.
  6. Me: bent from the waist staring at actual bona fide certified greening lawn melting out from those ice goggles. A lady on the sidewalk called to me, ‘amazing to see grass again, isn’t it’.
  7. The confusing bit was this: a) how absorbed I got and b) trying to figure out how long I’d been standing there and c) how long she’d been approaching before I knew she was there. Thank goodness there’s comprehension and compassion in the universe.
  8. How did I get so blessedly lucky? Suddenly I’m in a wealth of good people.
  9. What I was in the middle of thinking? A paste from the clipboard and voila, that’s where I was.
  10. Musing over how it has come to be that my photos have had 230,000 views. Who are all these people?
  11. While Marcus McCann is smart, cute and a lovely fellow, great poet with a second poetry coming out shortly (The Hard Return, Insomniac), and now partial owner of Glad Day, I still wonder why this pic in particular has garnered almost 1000 hits:
    Marcus McCann
  12. A minor confusion on how I’ve managed to mislay my laptop in the bathroom. This never happened with a desktop machine.
  13. Where are my slippers? Did they race past while I blinked? Are they out on a day trip with my 3-whole punch?

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Quote: “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” ~ Thomas Paine

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