4 Mar 2012, 3:01pm
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Lakeshore: au secours

pesbo has more on Versefest of yesterday and today.

Before then, a moment to consider the lake.

Beyond being a lovely place to be, it’s got 3 species of turtles at risk living in this lake, burrowed in the mud. That’s on a human deadline suddenly as the ministry in under a week has plans to take out the dam.

Save Our Lake!!! Here is a list of people to write, call or email if you’d like to support Lac Brassard’s Lake association’s efforts to convince the Quebec government NOT to tear down our dam on this Thursday, March 8, and give us time to come up with a public/private solution that will repair the dam and assure its safety in the very long term. Merci!

· Mr. Norm McMillan, MPP, député de Papineau (819 986-9300) et ministre des Transports (418 643-6980) ministredelegue@mtq.gouv.qc.ca
· Mr. Marc Carrière, MPP, député de Chapleau et ancien maire de Val-Des-Monts (819 246-4558) mcarriere-chap@assnat.qc.ca
· Mr. Jean Lafrenière, maire VDM: (819-457-9400 x2208) jeanlafreniere@val-des-monts.net
· Mr. Jacques Laurin, Conseiller, District 3 (819-671-0685) jacqueslaurin@val-des-monts.net
· Mr. Jules Dagenais, Conseiller District 4 (819-457-9648) jules.dagenais@gmail.com
· Mr. Pierre Arcand, Ministre, MDDEP (418 521-3911, 514 864-8500)
· Mr. Yvon Gosselin, Centre d’expertise hydrique, Directeur général, 418 521-3866 x 7101, yvon.gosselin@mddep.gouv.qc.ca
· Mr. Michel Dolbec, Directeur, Centre d’expertise hydrique, 418 521-3866 x 7522, michel.dolbec@mddep.gouv.qc.ca

light shadows
Time to take a deep breath before diving in and plunging on.

Quote: “My evening visitors, if they cannot see the clock should find the time in my face.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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