9 Apr 2012, 1:37pm

Back Home for Easter

Beauty and…

born today
birth into such a dirty world where you wash with what you can. 3 calves were born on Easter Sunday. There was to be a group picture but when a cow begins to calve, she gets priority then people dispersed. Perhaps I can find an image that worked but I fell far short of the portrait I hoped to make.

This cow reminds me of a lady on a bus picking up the baby’s soother, wiping it off unsuccessfully then with a wince and a shrug as baby cried, sucking the soother clean.

"aggregate resource act" (?)
Pretty scene.

Um, “aggregate resource act”? Go google gadget go. Ontario statute not concerning a group, aggregate, ownership. As in gravel. As in, aww, the field is going to become a gravel pit.

A place I used to walk for decades has perhaps changed hands, but at least I can say for sure there are newly posted no trespassing signs up at regular intervals.

And the adjoining forest under another ownership is a woodlot this spring. Any tree of any girth is coming down, 50, 100 years old and more.

If you loo around, it’s not hard to cluster disheartening; a flyer from my parent’s government representative Scott Reid speaks against the Human Rights Commission.

A letter to the local newspaper from a police officer claims that suppressing human freedom is proactive protection against crime and curfews and fines will be imposed on those under 16 who are outside their parent’s house between midnight and 6 a.m. What? As crime falls, police make work schemes to stay useful? Or fear mongering has percolated down from U.S. and litigiousness and airport-mentalities to being default?

Did people take the Integral song and miss the sarcasm and social criticism. Bah.

At least Paul Dewar is against BIll C-30.

burst of yellow
Still there are bright bursts along the road, spring peepers singing their little hearts out. Birdsong and bird flit and companionable airing of mind. There was good in there, even in neighbourly nods of strangers and small talk from people who say I still look the same as at 8 or 16 or whenever they last saw me.

Cousins were at play were having fun. Running and smiling. My uncle lit up when there was information asked when only he present could answer.

It’s nice to be useful in conversation. Information gaps create a kind of purpose. When people are all on the same page, there’s redundancy and phatic conversations waiting, biding time. Which can be pleasant enough with good-hearted people involved.

It’s a trick to train self to not reinforce as salient only the downsides. All is skew. Good and neutral too. What do we pick out from the infinite amount of data to attend to?

I saw J by chance. She who is now an RN who I last saw when I was changing her diapers. Life has long loops.

Easter eggs
We collect up our small beauties even if we have to make those beauties ourselves. Always there are more dangers but also new safety carved out by choices as well.

Quote: “A new idea is like a child. It’s easier to conceive than to deliver.” ~ Ted Koysis

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