28 Jun 2012, 12:46pm

What I Want To Do This Summer: 13 Things

To take a page from Jenn‘s 13 wish-I-will-wish-I-might this summer.

  1. More afternoons and evenings outside watching as night comes in.
  2. Night swimming in a lake.
  3. Harvesting some garden beans, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, maybe squash. (This isn’t in my control since four-legs are so far besting two-legs.)
  4. A day or two canoeing.
  5. Some tent time.
  6. Get the deck and porch painted, handrailing installed.
  7. Get some poems organized into a few piles of chapbooks.
  8. Have my aunt over for a visit.
  9. Do some preserves. Chutneys or sauces or jams or pickles or all.
  10. Have some sort of gathering of friends sometime at our place.
  11. Go on a road trip.
  12. Riparian picnics!
  13. Hammer out the design on a group chapbook, with vellum and heavy paper stock, and maybe a few matches.

See other 13-ers.

Small press fair is this Saturday afternoon!

Quote: “We convince by our presence.” ~ Walt Whitman

26 Jun 2012, 12:50pm

What Reflects

knife reflections

knife reflections

Fencing in the Byword Market
And swords glint in the Bywards Market. Which only goes to show that “I only know what I saw” doesn’t say much if not backed with background.

Quote: “Video files are among the largest single chunks of digital content out there. So, an elephant won’t turn into an ant even with compression. The good news is that video files can be compressed to somewhere in between an elephant and an ant, say a cow.” Saikat Basu

24 Jun 2012, 9:00am
Farming Photos
Comments Off on What Grows

What Grows

The cucumber in its private greenhouse of a pop bottle blooms. As delicious as its stems are (apparently) no one dug under and threw off the top.

red pepper plant
One of the surviving red bell peppers in chicken wire. It won’t get an identity crisis and start laying eggs I presume.

The cayenne ran out but it nothing ate the eggplant while it was dusted. The new enclosure should prevent the carrying away of other seeds.

yellow banana pepper blossom
The first blossom of the banana pepper.

salad mix, the early days
Salad greens, the early days.

beans and their strings
Remember those wee bean sprouts?

the tomatoes start their blooming
Tomatoes are coming.

Water has arrived.

Quote: “The shovel is my companion species” ~ Monty Reid, In the Garden

What Flies

A bumblebee has found our whatever-those-are.

A baker’s dozen of what else flies sweet…

Glad Game: Looking at the Good Stuff:

  1. Some nearly 7000 people donated money for Feminist Frequency to analyze and document tropes of females in video games. That amount to nearly $160,000 in pledges.
  2. I got that bookcase hauled up from the basement and filled up instantaneously by emptying desktops. That gives a false impression because the current shelves have empty spots and some of the new shelves just need to be refiled alphabetically, but still, I have a desktop again. Woo.
  3. P6198978
    Some golden-colored flies are wandering among the day lilies that have burst onto the scene. Is the world not composed of 9/10 blossoms? 😉
  4. Did you see this at BoingBoing? I mentioned it to Colleen. This fella used each scrabble tile to make a poem and not just any poem but each of 6 tercets are iambic pentameter with ABA rhyme scheme. Talk about bringing up your game. It doesn’t end there. Bartlebooth is in the poem. Who?

    Bartlebooth is the jigsaw-puzzling main character of Georges Perec’s massive constrained novel “La Vie mode d’emploi” (“Life A User’s Manual”). Perec’s novel consists of 100 chapters with one blank (missing), modeled after a Paris apartment building with 100 rooms. The theme of missing things constantly reappears (e.g., Bartlebooth dies as the puzzle he is working on has a single piece-shaped hole.)

    Scrabble® has 100 tiles with two blanks, an almost exact replica of the structure of Perec’s novel.

    There are people that I am glad to share our little wet marble of a world with.

  5. Like Lisa Pasold and the pair of Lee and Lea. Good people on this planet make up for the other ones who bring on premature balding.
  6. Phil Hall who just won the Trillium.
  7. Also Jenn Campus who asks about the complex mortal and moral issue of Ethics of Eating Meat in which she considers the ecosystem more broadly,

    “Sustainable” and “locavore” are buzzwords held in high esteem these days, a positive trend, yet these movements are riddled with half-truths.

    We know eating local and in season has the least impact on the environment. What about those of us in northern climates, with a three month growing season?

    Eating local humanely raised meat is a sustainable and ethical solution. Eating vegetables shipped from large organic agribusinesses out west whose farming practices destroy animal habitats even killing small burrowing animals as well as birds and insects is not. Using unsustainable resources to get those vegetables to us is not.

    Both systems result in animal deaths, but which is more ethical? The one in which you turn a blind eye or the one you take direct responsibility for?

  8. A friend’s happy news.
  9. That crazy putty-tootie-tat that keeps temporarily destroying my ability to speak English or to type since he’s walking across my keyboard.
  10. Glad to sell, more or less (subject to final pick-up) the spare washer and dryer to a lovely lady. And to get the things hauled up out of the basement. Gordian knot’s looking easy now.
  11. Glad for the heat. Some people are sweltering but I run cool. On days that seniors wear shorts and t-shirts, I’m still in my jeans and jacket and nearly warm. 30 to 40 degree days, I’m a happy camper.
  12. Tauba Auerback’s prints.
  13. And if that’s not enough, here are 21 photo stories to restore your faith in humanity.

Quote: “Show us what he does and how.” ~ Roger Shattuck on literary criticism via Ruth Franklin who raises some good points.

16 Jun 2012, 9:50pm
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What? Seen In Ottawa

Art and Fear says keep throwing as many pots as you can. You learn more by doing and mistakes than aiming straight at one perfection, but then there’s the good idea or not factor…

Saw a man being taken for a walk by his dog…his German Shepherd at a full-tilt run and him pulled on a leash on rollerblades.

Two buddies trying, presumably, to make 2 boards from 1 without a saw – with one holding the board pried under the back bumper and the other slowly backing up the SUV as it bends.

(I didn’t stick around to see how that one ended either.)

Guitarist sitting on the porch, her Joni Mitchell voice barely reaching past the cat sprawled listening at her feet. Her strumming may not carry so far as the bats sweeping at dusk but far enough to reach me.

today's their day
It’s their day, whatever they are.

Thousands of them were swarming off the riverbank fluttering with as much sense of direction as moths.

Quote: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.” ~ Michelle Walker

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