Steam-Rolling Prints

It was Nuit Blanche, which might have stood for Chance of Frost Night. But people seem to be a warm hubbub wandering around by bus or foot, standing in knots and clusters in areas of street that usually have an unspoken rule of keep moving.

I mentioned that at EBA there was a promise of a steam-roller. Let’s get rolling with that:

putting the press of a ton in printing
A woodcut.

the woodcut to print from colors to paint metal with
The roller and the paint to go on the next plate.

laying down the metal printing plate
The next plate rolled before the machine.

laying on the paper
Laying down the printing paper, then the foam layer.

backing over the paper and foam
Backing up to make an impression.

steam rolling a print.
Working in the spotlight.

the plate and woodcut print
The plate back on the table, the previous woodcut print hung to dry.

paint resulting print
Painting the night. And the final results.

When Ottawa goes wild and crazy in all night art festival, someone’s got to knit. Or is that, crochet?

yarn bombing a bus
Yarn bombing a bus at the donut shop.

We bumped into and thru a few things. The thing about a night festival is that one is literally shooting in the dark most of the time.

If I had a panoramic dexterity I would have captured the after-dark triptych of each scene, a natural diorama of life, each growing in brightness compared to the one beside:
1. people bent over scrambling after silver balloons with green LED bases and strings all over an empty parking lot.
2. Gallery owner on a stool outside with people gathered around talking to him, presumably about the alt art on his window featuring things like glow-in-the-dark eyed federation officers and a diptych of a fish.
3. The paint-crumbling laundrymat where people continue their normal daily lives of folding and sitting.

There’s something compellingly charming about all three going on it parallel cheek-by-jowl, on equal terms. Each is just as important as the other to those involved. Something lovely in that.

Quote: “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” ~ Diane Ackerman.

22 Sep 2012, 4:14pm
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When you go into the woods today

Pass the mudholes, puddles, splash into the squelch.

When we came grinning out of the pine and spruce grove in the park, the cyclist lady shot us a sharp disapproving look.



Whatever did she imagine we were up to?


cap askew

Quote: “Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars.” ~ Frederick Langbridge

20 Sep 2012, 4:01pm

Art Attack

13 Thursday again already? How’d that happen?

  1. Or for that matter, how it this not still Monday? But zipping right along
  2. This weekend is Nuit Blanche Ottawa which is where hundreds of transitory art exhibits/performances/etc are due to happen between 6:22 pm – 4:23 am.
  3. (I didn’t make up the precision of those hours.)
  4. The theme for Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche is “Life is Beautiful” whereas Toronto’s theme this year is destruction/apocalypse.
  5. The first year was a flash mob surprise for the city of anything goes art.
  6. jaunty seasonable cap
    Better wear your jauntiest cap for any case.
  7. Ottawa’s Enriched Bread Artists Gallery has rented a one-ton steamroller to do monster-scale printing With a steam-roller using plywood, plastic or even cardboard as “plates” the artists will create large-scale prints. From 8-9 PM public is invited to join in creating a collaborative massive print.
  8. Above Lauzon music (1345 Wellington Street West, east of Island Park) there are windows which will become screens. Cheryl Pagurek and Michèle Provost between 7:30 and 8:30 will set up a two-channel video installation that invites viewers of all ages to participate in a playful game of word/image association.
  9. Over at Cube Gallery Lynda Cronin and Jean Jewer are reinstalling the blue poetry monolith that we worked on and surrounding it with performance and sound

    Speak0ut uses the title ‘Life is Beautiful’ from the Ottawa 2012 Nuit Blanche Festival as a beginning point to discuss the role of optimism and our search for happiness, in a chaotic and turbulent world. Speak0ut functions as a large pill box containing oversized pills; curator pill, god pill, art pill, painter pill. Sound files of recordings from a pharmaceutical lab, where various chemicals are produced, are overlaid with spoken word text and singing voices that engage the viewer in a conversation about pollyanna and our modern day fixation on ‘happiness’ in all its forms. The public are asked to contribute to this conversation by sending their feed back to facebook at Cube gallery.

  10. The Ottawa Writer’s Festival starts in under a month and the schedule is now released.
  11. hanging up the ole pirate sword
    It seems I’ve hung up my sword. I’ve done a talk like a pirate day post since 2005 and this year it slipped my mind. Pirating: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 2010
  12. us by the gelato
    Apparently on Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 we were exploring ancient ruins, eating our last tastes of gelato in Rome then flying to Amsterdam.
  13. Last year we were too distracted to make a picture of pirates but we did yaarr about Montmartre before leaving Paris for the countryside cottage. Ahhh, cottage. When do we go back? 2014?
  14. I Write Like [via] says in this post:

    I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

    This ends my 41st rounds at Humanyms of 13 Thursday. Although there’s one over at pesbo too.

    Quote: “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life
    of the candle will not be shortened.” ~ Buddha

A Taste of West Wellington

Modern Space and antique cars
A Modern Space (Mid-Century furniture) and unusual cars out front. The kids got really excited to see the cars. I wonder if that’s from an eye for the unusual or just because cars used to look beautiful and they can perceive the beauty immediately.

As Miss Vicky mentioned A Taste of Wellington was on this weekend. The participants of West Wellington Fest had dozens of booths with food samples out, sidewalk sales, bouncy castle, inflatable climbing wall, and antique car displays.

vintage car show got attention
Or unique hand-built cars in some cases.

There we are. The streets were jammed in some spots. And before a spot of rain. The people thinned considerably after a short shower.

A few bands played. This one was sort of like Beach Boys. Or at least people dancing to them seemed to dance like wavy arms like the era. They play next at the Mayfair Theatre before a midnight matinee of vampire films.

back of truck minstrel
A stage would be anywhere, like the back of a truck. Like the lady flashing him a peace-sign.

I missed the stilt walker but caught the procession of old cars going by. The GCTC had a popcorn machine going with a line more than the length of its building to get a packet of hot buttered goodness.

I took some food pictures but most of the pleasure was our going out for a gawk and walk.

pop-up food event, sept 29
Apparently the big event that was at SAW and the Old Jail was not a one-time thing last night. Or at least something else is coming soon.

Allegro vintage clothes
And over by Cube Gallery, continuing today, is Allegro’s pop-up 2-day vintage clothing shop.

bee on the ?
Eventually all the rumble and crowd was bumble-quiet again.

Quote: “take it all and turn it into/a handful of inwardness.//See how it lies at ease in these open roses.” ~ Rilke, Bowl of Roses III

How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Calm

To get from a High Fretter to A Lower Echelon of Energy Fretter

  1. Recognize the lack of appropriateness of the wisdom: imagine the worst thing that could happen. This presumes that one can distinguish between the possible and the probable. If this were the case one wouldn’t be in this fix to begin with.
  2. Mind watch. Cultivate directing an impatience inwards to become bored with self. Become your own disinterested peanut gallery who wants a better show.
  3. Learn to deal with the peanut gallery within. Not everything is worth considering if it had merit. Call bullshit on self, but gently, and compassionately move on, no berating. Shrug off things as not your responsibility to respond to. Eventually that can spread out to non-equivocal nopes to others and setting firm, fair and loving boundaries to other people.
  4. Watch your inner patterns. The emotional wings are predictable and net out to no significance. A withering contempt would be counterproductive but an indulgent amusement towards self could go a way towards reinstating a sense a humour.
  5. Learn the Logical Fallacies and learn to recognize when you’re led off the rails.
  6. Cultivate cynicism and sarcasm. Comedy is a buoy where there’s choppy resistances of wanting the old patterns and to speedboat out with new ones.
  7. Learn to body watch of where tension is running thru the body before it caps off in a headache or spasm. Watch it run around like a little squirrel in the cage of skin. Frame it as antics not something to fix. It just is. Watch it play.
  8. In the sense of buddhist meditation, watch and don’t interfere. Learn by watching and let the system run, except under observation. What are subject triggers? Get under what informs that reactivity. Jot it down and consider it not in the heat of the reaction.
  9. Learn to say no to yourself. You can think anything but on the clock. 5 minutes maximum. Then sit and deflect the inner toddler who wants attention to its emotional need to cry. Let it cry without taking the whole mind-body with it. Now, we breathe. And in 60 long seconds. In 5 interminable minutes will be soon enough. Increase the amount of time of asking the body and mind to unclench and just breathe.
  10. Brainwash self with the notion that you set the terms for yourself and for others. As people love mimicry, self also will continue a path unless deflected. Be a good role model for your future self.
  11. Flatness isn’t scary. It is unfamiliar. And it won’t stay. It won’t kill you. It’s not about cutting out variety but using a wider part of the spectrum. Wait it out.
  12. People may attack and exhort you to commiserate in jumping on some subject. That’s not your concern. Others choose for themself. Your global plan is to de-escalate the responses.
  13. Seek out quiet people who you previously didn’t notice who aren’t drama junkies. Watch how they manage daily life without spreading the meme of stress to those around. Maybe they grow tumours instead or maybe they cope giving self better strategies. It’s all about the toolbox and not what happens but diverse strategies of how to respond.
  14. Observe what adds to physical frazzle and what subtracts. Irregular bedtime, sugar, caffeine, sedentary, sustained focus on outer with no inner, or inner with no outer.
  15. Remember there’s nothing more depressing than unrelenting cheerfulness and light humour and avoidance of the “negative”. Engage deeply with something or someone.

[13 Thursday. er. I did 15. Apparently I can’t count but I’m just going to let that fly under the don’t sweat the small conformities category.]

In for a penny, in for 16. I forgot one key thing: make presumptions of one’s ability to handle whatever and recover from whatever in long term resiliency instead of bracing against can’t and thinking of ways to resist and fight what is. One can’t entirely succeed but it draws one back away from living at the red line.

Soundtrack: Let it Go

Quote: “Thought expands, but paralyzes; action animates, but narrows.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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