Thankful Thursday: Fuzzies

I didn’t end up doing a Thanksgiving list, but here’s a host of simple pleasures that I appreciate:

  1. Indoor heat after a bracing walk in the ear-nipping cold.
  2. Indoor heat in the afternoon slump.
  3. Hot lathery showers in the morning grump.
  4. To move slightly off topic, blankets and hot soup.
  5. And yardwork with a wheelbarrow and shovel with time for being a happy Doozer.
  6. Also sweaters and slippers and hats. Especially hats. Hats for everyone big or small.
    I'm a nut hat
  7. And scarves that know how to be scarves not the ones that slip off and cause backtracking to find them again.
  8. Income that allows payment for warm fuzzy conveniences like home internet connection and food.
    I'll eat my hat
  9. Getting the chapbooks back from the printers in good time for the next stage of binding and burning.
  10. What? Did I lose you? The burn of books is well underway. *Cough* Think I’ll do the rest outdoors.
  11. burning
    Burn? This kind of burn. If that’s not clear, try here.
  12. The happy prospect of seeing various friends and family at intervals over the next month; Warm greetings of too-long-time-no-sees that find me as amicably as the 2pm sun coming in on my back.
  13. Art Collaborations:
    Blink Gallery
  14. [Other 13 Thursday Players]

    Quote: “There are two ways of attaining an important end, force and perseverance; the silent power of the latter grows irresistible with time.” ~ Anne Sophie Swetchine

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