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Time for another 13 Thursday roundup.

You know about some of the travels thru talking with me or thru here. What else has happened?

  1. I did a write-up about the delectable Cobourg Poetry & Literary Arts Festival
  2. If every word is a world
  3. And every person is a world, therefore meeting a person is meeting a word?
  4. What’s your word?
  5. Paul Goldberger‘s word would be City.
  6. Paul
    This is Paul.
  7. He’s the Architecture Critic for The New Yorker & a Pulitzer Prize Winner who spoke at the architecture forum lecture on Monday.
  8. His premise is that cities are where people intersect messily as wildcards. It isn’t a gated private space based on exclusion.
  9. A city’s strength is inclusion and mismatch, uncontrollable organic growth.
  10. He called the city the original hyperlink.
  11. The vitality of a city’s public square facilitates face-to-face human contact, good and bad, random connections and choices that spark creativity and community.
  12. He asked us to ponder the demands for architecture where there isn’t a physical reference like gold standard and Greek temples to guide how a bank should look to suggest solidity, tradition, when money is now digital transfer.
  13. He asked us to consider the implications of where we’ve been and are now when someone living on the street is a bon vivant, a flaneur, a boulevardier vs. the connotation of English now of street person.

Quote: “If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it,
you might as well laugh about it now.” ~ Marie Osmond

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