29 Nov 2012, 12:41pm
Glad Game Thirteen Thursday

One Foot After the, How Does that Go?

Our very own icicles.

13 wee successes

  1. Found the winter boots in a random basement box.
  2. I’m not going to list getting out of bed. So, um. Went to the doctor. (What a cheerful clinic of staff.)
  3. Read book with Hubby. Wrote letters to my moms. ‘Rithmatic of budget looked at.
  4. Ok, I’ve reconsidered. Getting out of bed counts. Showered. Ate breakfast. The whole 9 yards to the desk. (Even on consecutive days!)
  5. Deleted 17 18 GB of files, mostly photos, some accidental videos, a few apps. (Phew. Room.)
  6. We got the Christmas lights and wreath up.
  7. Managed to make it out to half the events I intended. Better to be 100% at what you attend than to be less than 100% of what you’d like to attend. Made peace, for an interim, with being finite of energies. Glad I got to the last Tree with David O’Meara and Daphne Marlatt.
  8. Wrote things. Yep. “Some new thing is always exploding in me, and it schedules me” ~ Ray Bradbury
  9. Finished a course on using history in poetry with John McCullough with won the Polari Prize during the course. Living alongside exciting times.
  10. Dove into Experiment-o. Nummy issue.
  11. Read at the open mic. Didn’t go blind and deaf for as long on either side for nerves as long as I do sometimes.
  12. Took some pictures that mostly please me, and gratifyingly, some of the subjects like them as well.
  13. By clockmaker method, getting myself a few days in advance, I’ve kept the food blog running daily.

Quote: “Any idiot can face a crisis: it’s this day-to-day living that wears you out.” ~ Anton Chekov

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