Quiet as a Light

I’m resolving to pay more attention, allow myself more cherishing, make more time for people (while seeing the comedy in the saying so, while everyone is in solitary time of naps or reading. But there’s a season…)

To a year full of nothing but time. Make yourself a good one.

[Wordless Wednesday]

Quote: “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”
- Gladys B. Stern

[via Swiss Miss]

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  1. Chris B:

    That is what Christmas is – those who we love! :-) Merry Christmas, Pearl!

  2. Rebecca:

    nice shot you’ve got there! i love the texture of the shot! and the Christmas tree too! :) .. wonderful! :)

    Merry Christmas WW players! My entry is here.
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  3. Margaret Almon:

    Lovely! A tree to cherish in its beauty.

  4. Art of RetroCollage:

    Good resolutions….& toward that end,

    we hope you have very Happy Holidays & New Year!

  5. AC:

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Chris J:

    May all your Christmases – and resolutions – be bright.

  7. colleen:

    Love the tree and the gift of time you gave yourself.