31 Jan 2013, 4:21pm
General Thirteen Thursday

Personal Soveignty

Ruminating on things to fix once I become Sovereign of at least pan-American world. Let’s start with 13

  1. We don’t police substances enough. What’s good for business isn’t necessarily good for customer.
  2. I’ve talked about Azodicarbonamide used a flour bleach before. Canada allows it;

    “in Singapore. You can get up to 15 years in prison and be penalized nearly half a million dollars in fines for using this chemical that’s been linked to asthma and is primarily used in foamed plastics, like yoga mats and sneaker soles.”

    [Hat tip to Colleen for pointing out that link.]

  3. My hygienist said that tartar-control toothpaste has carcinogens. (Simple ingredients are good. So is informing oneself and voting with the wallet.)
  4. This year is the 100th anniversary of Pauline Johnson’s birth. To start I’m reading 3 more books on her and anything else I can find.
  5. In an essay at CanadianPoetry Carole Gerson and Veronica Strong-Boag point out that “In accord with Anglo-Canadian nationalism, she never associated Asian and African-Canadians’ claims to equal rights with those of Natives”
  6. I suppose it’s common. Wanting to be treated well but reciprocity with empathy is another step. If one sees ones own motivations shallowly, one can’t see another’s motivations at all. Maybe I’m a bleeding heart. Or maybe I’m clotting. [Metaphor in cardiac arrest.]
  7. Point is privilege needs a kind talking to, and maybe laws of common civility to enforce rules of engagement that have compassion and unthreatening curiosity built-in.
  8. If a problem remains an in-group problem, how can change occur in self-perpetuating solitudes? Widening the mainstream to fit more in on one side of the line doesn’t solve the problem of them and us.
  9. Excuses for pettiness and anger will take any available outlet. It’s not about weight or color or sexuality or performing gender right or height or age or, or, or. It’s about someone needing to mock.
  10. Oh, let’s talk about something else. When someone came to sell grocery store cards door-to-door, I thought I was being scammed with stolen blank cards.
  11. My standard answer is I don’t donate or buy at the door. Except for mint Girl Guide Cookies. I should make a sign to that effect.
  12. I bought anyway to make her go away faster and stop her pitch. It would take less energy and get me back to our evening. As it turned out they are real for whatever her charity was.
  13. Poet Bardia Sinaee in interview said many interesting things, one of which reraised the Venn diagram idea as explaining well why so many magazines have dull poems while so many poets write vivid ones.
  14. Oh, look, puppies!

So it’s 14. Rules of the universe say rules change to fit circumstance.

Quote: “one can see depression as providing another window on our life[…] Depression, when we work with it, can also be like a signal, something that puts a brake on our excesses and reminds us of the banality of the samsaric condition.” – Venerable Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche

27 Jan 2013, 11:31pm

An Early Warming System

Only my nose knows that we were outdoors.

Here I am, 3-5 layers deep for the deep freeze that was outdoors. The arctic front is breaking loose, so no more polar fleece, wool, polar fleece, feather down…etc for now.

btw, there are lots of posts over at pesbo and Eaten Up.

Notable Quotable: “Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him.” ~ Dr. Henker

24 Jan 2013, 6:09pm
General Thirteen Thursday

13 Beauties

A glad game of the 13 day:

  1. The heating vent under the towel rack making hot dry towels.
  2. How light is photography and more than that – it is beauty as it allows colors, shapes.
  3. The heart thunder of wonder watching hubby cook with presence and mindfulness, caring and sharing.
  4. New-to-me books at the library. Titles I meant to get around to sitting there as if waiting for me.
  5. The librarian who would waive fees because I didn’t have as much change in my pocket as I thought. And that he let me run a tab for the difference instead.
  6. The chance to get out two nights in a row for literary things, Tree last night and 20th above/ground tonight. Words and word people are da balm. 😉
  7. Ploughshares has an article on Ottawa
  8. And it uses a couple of my pics from the literary scene.
  9. Speaking of cool pics, antler rorschach
  10. Glad for people with long-vision who speak such as Richard Blanco’s piece on his grandmother’s homophobic influence
  11. We can try to wrestle for a particular direction but in the long run results take the path they will. “her ultimate legacy was to unintentionally instill in me an understanding of the complexities of human behavior and emotions.” ~ Blanco from the above article.
  12. There’s a small joy in completion. As Joan Didion said, “I know a singer who throws up every time she has to go onstage. But she still goes on.”
  13. The small pleasure of seeing the skin seal itself back up, the itch of healing.

Notable Quotable: “I realized he wasn’t disgruntled, just a recreational complainer” ~ Donna Andrews in We’ll Always Have Parrots

23 Jan 2013, 12:00pm

Winter is always with us

In the pound of the pestle

sun in the towel
The quiet of a dish towel.

LED ornament
The blink of an LED ornament

Wordless Wednesday

Notable Quotable: “You’re never s good as everyone tells you when you win, and you’re never as bad as they say when you lose.” ~ Lou Holtz

21 Jan 2013, 11:59am

Far and Near

It’s -32 with windchill. Frostbite in 3 minutes. It’s too far. -19 without wind, the high for the week. I thought about walking to the library to return a book but the one I requested isn’t in yet. I’m glad for online renewals.

first wedding guest
The first wedding guest has arrived. Saint Pierre-Saint Paul, Paris, France, 2011.

We didn’t stay for the wedding, just touring around. Outside the church the neighbourhood had a bustle to it like a souk with all private businesses, smell of frying and spices. No chain stores. No glossy signs. Narrow street of cobblestone with some stones missing and mud patching it. Import clothes, barbers, people to do hair weaves, shoe repair, groceries. Families going about their businesses. Men out front smoking.

Closer to home, on trash day on a neighbouring street, was a Christmas Tree chopped into bits. It seems a drastic way to say goodbye to a season. Cathartic?

two-sided embroidery
At home, a two-sided embroidery. I got it in a dusty shop, possibly in a Chinatown, where the aisles were narrow and piled high with dried goods, pottery, gift clothes, brick-a-brac. I can’t quite bring back yet where. Montreal? Ottawa? It replaces an enameled egg I got as a gift and (perhaps foolishly) mailed away as a gift that was never acknowledged. Ah well, what you had once stays fixed in the mind. That’s the only copy that ever mattered.

Notable Quotable: “I went back to my book/ hoping the problem of being with others might resolve itself gently” ~ Ken Babstock, Methodist Hatchet

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