24 Jan 2013, 6:09pm
General Thirteen Thursday

13 Beauties

A glad game of the 13 day:

  1. The heating vent under the towel rack making hot dry towels.
  2. How light is photography and more than that – it is beauty as it allows colors, shapes.
  3. The heart thunder of wonder watching hubby cook with presence and mindfulness, caring and sharing.
  4. New-to-me books at the library. Titles I meant to get around to sitting there as if waiting for me.
  5. The librarian who would waive fees because I didn’t have as much change in my pocket as I thought. And that he let me run a tab for the difference instead.
  6. The chance to get out two nights in a row for literary things, Tree last night and 20th above/ground tonight. Words and word people are da balm. 😉
  7. Ploughshares has an article on Ottawa
  8. And it uses a couple of my pics from the literary scene.
  9. Speaking of cool pics, antler rorschach
  10. Glad for people with long-vision who speak such as Richard Blanco’s piece on his grandmother’s homophobic influence
  11. We can try to wrestle for a particular direction but in the long run results take the path they will. “her ultimate legacy was to unintentionally instill in me an understanding of the complexities of human behavior and emotions.” ~ Blanco from the above article.
  12. There’s a small joy in completion. As Joan Didion said, “I know a singer who throws up every time she has to go onstage. But she still goes on.”
  13. The small pleasure of seeing the skin seal itself back up, the itch of healing.

Notable Quotable: “I realized he wasn’t disgruntled, just a recreational complainer” ~ Donna Andrews in We’ll Always Have Parrots

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