10 Jan 2013, 12:30pm
Thirteen Thursday

13 Thursday: Start Somewhere

It’s Thursday. Also it’s 13 Thursday where there’s an excuse to share some tidbits.

  1. If you don’t re-start somewhere, you don’t restart.
  2. I’m reading with Carolyn Smart tonight at the edge of Chinatown.
  3. That’s the A B series at the cutest little lit cafe, Raw Sugar.
  4. Psst, a secret: Once I learn my audience and venue, the first thing I decide about what I’ll do for a reading is clothes. Only after that, the poems.
  5. I’m thinking I’ll test drive some surrealist poems
  6. An interview with the surrealism of Jason Heroux. (I’m getting a third book by him in the mail.)
  7. A website all about chocolate: The chocolate life is a hub of all thing on the cocoa.
  8. How to make cream puffs. I haven’t made any since around 1992, which was also my own attempt. Tip. Don’t do a roast at the same time unless you want the pastry for savories.
  9. Poetry is Dead Magazine is already entering its third year. Time flies.
  10. Tips: Wear black or grey to a funeral unless requested otherwise. Don’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride. I hadn’t heard of the second. Thanks re: clothing tact
  11. What do you wear for a launch at Venus Envy? It doesn’t matter what you wear…
  12. Where There's Fire
  13. Venus Envy reading
    There was a good warm crowd of around 3 dozen last night at Voices of Venus. And great poetry if I do say so myself.

Quote: “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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