14 Jan 2013, 12:29pm

Inertial Dampers On

I think 2013’s mantra will be: work better, not faster.

Seems doable. A friend once said, you ain’t built for speed, are ya?

I’m going to see what I can do about tracking my speed, see if I can read 95 books in the year. I am in the midst of 6 with another dozen nearby. The thing is finishing one instead of getting bored.

Predictable things have an appeal, once you can laugh at them. Any pattern seems to self-satirize pretty quickly.

Me and trips come to mind. I like the idea of vacation, but as soon as it comes to pinning down tickets, I get cold feet. I want to put my will in order, write letters to those I don’t contact often enough, wrap up projects so they are tidy for executors to deal with.

It’s not inconsistent since I like being in grocery stores but I can delay leaving the house for days. But it’s strange because there isn’t a time when I had a wretched time and regretted going. I have yet to die in a single outting or vacation. So why the reluctance?

I’m a homebody. I like to plant myself, marvel at some angle.

jade plant

For a certain part of vacation I like to stay in one place and settle.

[Gratuitous cat video courtesy of Presurfer]

I can explore later once the wobbles of new abate. Once I’m away and have a home base I can potter about for weeks, contentedly and then shortly never want to leave again.

Or am I homebody? People tell me I go out to more events than the average person. I don’t mind planes. I have more expectation of death and violence for walking on a sidewalk or being in a car.

Is it that I have a bad case of inertia? Whenever I’m inside, why would I ever want to go outdoors? Once dragged outside and walking about, why is anyone ever indoors?

In other news, a new blog in town, Mind Matters about mental health. Watch that spot.

And inside-fridge art because why shouldn’t your produce also get the edifying benefits of seeing art?

Notable Quotable: “You’ve been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~ Louise L Hay, motivational author

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