System Changes

Alrighty I’ll all newfangled up. This blog went up to version 3.5. And I’ve come to admit that with snowbanks tall as some people, I can safely put away my summer clothes and swap out the sweaters. Found a couple I forgot I had.

Operation Indian Moth is complete; cleaning out the pantry looking for telltale cobwebs in dried goods. Funny how there’s no interest in the TVP.

We installed the new version of the operating system on my main machine.  The Mountain Lion takes up less space so I suddenly have a chunk of disk space again.  iCal looks and acts differently. All my devices are synched including calendar and address book which I’d never achieved before.

I switched to a different browser and to different photo editing software. I’m now on iCloud, although practically-speaking, I’m not sure what that means beyond another password for the computer and I to forget and up my hacking-my-own-account-mad-skills.

On the other hand, among all the learning curves, it’s been days since a software freeze or crash. Days. In a row even. I have no idea how to find the right version of a bunch of my files but still, maybe this is progress.

Now if only there were an update to install to get rid of this wretched cough, and the hourglass sinuses filling up, flipping, filling up…

Quote: “Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention.” ~ Doug Horton

5 comments on this post.
  1. AC:

    Ironically, change is the constant.

  2. Chris B:

    I have always found change intriguing and almost look forward to the surprises that come with them.

  3. Pearl:

    I just groan and sigh thru it.

  4. Chris J:

    Computers and learning curves – sent to tax us.

  5. E Stelling:

    Changes become magnified over 40, heck more so over 50.

    I groan over cleaning out the fridge, but make it a point to do so when I return from major market shopping. I actually did the spice cabinet not too long ago. I had a client once who insisted I make meals with her TVP. Ugh. All I have to say. I do like the faux chix nuggets, general tso version of whole foods, but they won’t help me buy my own, only pieces, which…ugh.