1 Jan 2013, 4:21pm
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Winter Scenes

Herb & Spice snow clerk
A snow clerk greets at the store.

Nice to get a bit of cheer. I wonder if January/February doldrums are not just low amounts of daylight, bitter cold, cold and flu season, seeing resolutions fail in slo-mo, but something else. Say, the resulting draining the good-will organ from the protracted Christmas season? Even good stressors, when they are sustained, wear one out.

Oh, pardon me is it grump season already? That’s just my lack of sleep talking. Since my throat is sore and can’t talk for itself.

The time nested in with hubby decompressing from all the excitements of the last month helps restore balance.

Time together and time away creates perspective.

hwy 7 barn
Saying yes to life is key to being curious, staving off irrational fears, and bringing into perspective rational fears. Saying yes is putting yourself in a threatening position equipped with a belief in one’s own resilience. But then, so is saying no.

Home is extreme quiet after a week of people 24/7.

What’s that sound? Oh, that was me having another thought.

No, a memory. The proverbial story of the two monks and the woman at the river. What am I unnecessarily carrying longer than I need to?

A non-equivocal have-you-flipped-your-lid-laugh-no leaves room for a yes.

postcard scenery
If each no is a flake of snow, there’s beauty in the weight of days of it, the soaked frozen sweater of it. It becomes a kind of grace, a kind of force of nature when sustained.

gate to a snowy woods
No is a gate that one doesn’t run towards that often. Perhaps disturbing the flat into a path is not so much a sacrilege as a an imagined ledge.

There’s a power that comes from not caring, or rather, not haranguing yourself into believing that worrying is indistinguishable from caring. Change is good. Constants are good if the right constants approached right. As Victoria Ku’s movie review in the Epoch Times says, ” As long as you don’t expect too much out of it, you’ll find yourself content and entertained.” Words to live by generally.

It takes as much practice to extend yourself into not caring as it takes to extend yourself into caring. Both are expansions. Both are structures, habits we build for ourselves that take up space, that have natural capacities and cause impacts on other minutiae in life. There’s an opportunity cost on everything.

sliding snow
If one refines what one likes with an eye to eliminate options to keep life simple, or say yes just as mindlessly as a habit, in either way it is forced. There’s a natural sliding.

wooden fences
Which isn’t to say there aren’t impacts. Each thing impacts everything else. Dwelling on that is a crazy maker, an invitation to overthink.

hwy 7
Time on the road is unstructured. Especially time on a snowy road where it takes 2-3 times longer to get anywhere. Even being in a bubble of a car moving thru the landscape, one is connected even while being disconnected from the cold and the real journey at foot-speed.

Even a large bus that dwarfs us is made that much more dwarfed by a tree and by the scale of landscape surrounding it. None of these tidy blocks of buildings. Valleys, rockcuts, hills that disappear in white out.

Double-Quote: “Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” – Elizabeth Gilbert.


“On that best portion of a good man’s life,/ His little, nameless, unremembered, acts/ Of kindness and of love.” ~ William Wordsworth

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