21 Feb 2013, 9:11am
General Thirteen Thursday

13 Things to Look Forward To

It’s easy to get in habit, and to convert nice-idea-to-do into an overlord obligation cemented in place waving over your head.

What things are you looking forward to?

  1. This chunk of time where I can hear the quiet and am not running headlong like some bad-form marathon runner.
  2. Building that into my daily by pausing, or by programming like starting pilates again this summer or fall.
  3. Seeing some Saskatchewan this summer (with Vertigo)
  4. Meaghan Haughnian’s vernissage at Petit Mort on March 1st.
  5. Another chance to get a Haku Maki woodcut print. [And it ended up auctioning so cheap compared to most of them. Whimper.]
  6. A friend’s BD party.
  7. Versefest, 6 days of full-tilt poetry. [more of the lineup is released]
  8. Artist talks at City Hall by Loraine Gilbert and Christopher Varady-Szabo
  9. Lunch and walkabout with a friend soon.
  10. A chance to experiment with making cornbread and with a vegan French toast.
  11. Supper with friends.
  12. Some beach, somewhere, sometime.
  13. Meanwhile, hot showers.

More people thinking in terms of a baker’s dozen on this day of Thor.

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