Richer for Having Bumped Into These

So, we’ve done it. We’ve come thru the heavy spruce of February. Group hooplah and whoops all around.

I have to admit the last couple days have been tinted beautiful with a Christmas card idyllic snow fall. I’ll join in with the Thursday Thirteen Players with my best-of. Blessings could would include these ideas and people who expressed their truths and perspectives.

  1. Christopher Buckley in How a Poem Happens says, “What you rely on after years of practice is muscle memory and after thirty years of writing, or more, I rely on a poetic muscle memory and each poem most often discovers its form from the long echoes of all the other poetry I have read and written.”
  2. Stoddard’s Law: “Bigger books linger longer” (p. 127 Owen Gingerich’s The Book Nobody Read) refers to how over centuries, ephemeral papers disappear but the thicker the book is, the more likely copies are likely to be saved.
  3. Col. Chris Hadfield has a little help spreading his news to 420,000 online followers. “Dad wanted a way to help people connect the real side of what an astronaut’s life is – not just the glamour and science, but also the day-to-day activities,”
  4. Star Trek: Phase 2 is a reboot of the original series from Germany. I’d heard they’d started production but they’re done several episodes now.
  5. Hans Ostrom’s poem Mum’s the Word was shared by Shawna Lemay here

    “The League of Quiet Persons meets
    monthly.[…] [with] implicit permission not to speak,
    not to answer or to answer for,
    not to pose, chat, persuade, or expound.”

  6. Norwegian Inmates are given a different sort of term. The rate of offending again is less than half compared to England. The goal is not punishment but change thru respect, training and support. Prison governor and Psychologist Nilsen says, ” If we treat people like animals when they are in prison they are likely to behave like animals.” Our duty to one another in society is to help another and help another not harm each other.
  7. Emily Nagoski explains that physical arousal is not consent and lack of arousal is not disinterest. A vagina “can’t be sincere anymore than your elbows can.”
  8. The field of distinctions between amicules and animals gets muddier. Cholera has an immune system. “Why would a virus carry a set of genes that bacteria use to destroy viruses? To use them against bacteria.”
  9. Iron girls Anna and Madeleine are running an Iron Distance Triathalon to benefit the Because I am A Girl campaign.
  10. Paper tile mosiacs by Choleena DiTullio are part of the art everywhere program of the Ottawa School of Art. Hers is at the Canadian Tire on Coventry Road.
  11. Whatever Else: An Irving Layton Symposium in Ottawa in May is now open for registration.
  12. 8 questions to ask if you’re considering self-publishing. Including what skills you have what you can outsource. “If you are impatient, self-publishing offers a quick fix.”
  13. Shawna James Ahern wrote a brave post on her battles with depression. “No matter how often I wrote “Be happy, dammit!” in my journal, I just couldn’t see the surface.” Therapy helped. And “did you know that serotonin, the chemical responsible for regulating our moods, is made in the small intestine?” On finding a link to gluten. Why I’m so happy now.

Noteable Quoteable: “My Mum knows an old lady who is too frail to clean the cobwebs away from her ceiling, so she throws glitter in them instead.” ~ Tegan


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