30 May 2013, 12:05pm
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chestnut tree
Chestnut blossoms.

Wordless Wednesday

Noteable Quoteable: “To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.” ~ Reba McEntire

28 May 2013, 10:37am

Living Outdoors works best with an Indoors as well

The garden at Camellia teas. It is a spot that has beyond tea ceremonies, brushstroke workshops and painting workshops. In this case we had our haiku meeting.

The tea room with its fragrant interior is at the back, raking garden towards the front.

Japanese maple. Apparently for them to thrive in Canada they are grafted onto sugar maple stock. (And out of frame, the cherry trees, just finished their blooming.)

The water feature in one corner made a constant sound.

After such a reboot to tranquility, I got a renewed thirst for beauty.

flowers flat light
I got a spring bouquet for hubby – some from our garden, some from the florist.

Allium from our garden.

And when I went to open the sun umbrella, like a eureka, I got bopped on the head by a ginger cookie. Squirrel cache.

Dropping through Our World Tuesday, Week 92

Noteable Quoteable: “Call to prayer – / the clinking / of cattle balls” ~ Ellen Cooper, Horses Hooves, Haiku Canada Members Anthology 2013

Great Glebe Garage Sale

At the Great Glebe Garage Sale I have never seen so many people carrying paintings – like leaf-cutter ants heading off from a tree.

I wondered if the ones boarding busses with mannequins need to pay double fare.

It was a dog-see-dog world.

I considered photographing the kids with their lemonade stand but instead, just had a pink lemonade.

band at Great Glebe Garage Sale
Out by Ecology Ottawa The Sentries played peppy island-flavoured ska.

band at Great Glebe Garage Sale
And people jumped in to dance.

Mostly it was more jam-packed sidewalks and roads closed to cars as people sold an inconceivable number of stuffed animals and well-thumbed pulp fiction.

We talked about how the Great Glebe Garage Sale would be different from the Great Grebe Garage Sale…Different nesting material, largely. But I suggested entrepreneurial Grebes among the shore might to manufacture anxiety to create a problem so they could sell the solution of anti-poacher tools. They might act like deer-scarers but be more effective for humans. The Glebe on the whole is far more welcoming.

It’s remarkable how some people have a sense of competitive haggling even when given a good deal. The joy is in the fight and their deprived without it. Some can’t seem to feel good until they take advantage of people who are already offering new things for a pittance. No, half a pittance.

My favorite thing that I didn’t buy was a lump of cement with a felt bottom. A plate on it read: This is a non-battery, non-engine-powered silently operating paperweight. (Or something like that.)

Great Glebe Garage sale
There was the occasional odd thing on the sidewalk, like a mantle and mirror that took 2 people to carry, or a tree and boxes on boxes of postcards.

Still thousands of others around were content and chatting or gawking, pockets stuffed with wands, hands full of vases. The photo I missed was a man carrying a box 3x his width with big magic market label on it of “LAMP??”

a lot for a pet charity
The pet charity set up a couple parking lots of rummage sale. When a browser asked if the books were organized in any way, ah, that’s what a genuine guffaw sounds like. Take anything for any amount of donation given to someone in a green helmet. Perhaps me in a funny hat from there will surface sometime from the Bri side of things.

origami flowers
Even indoor spaces were bustling, like the unrefined olive with its origami flowers providing a quiet sunny nook.

We walked a lot. I found these, including 100 Indian recipes which aims to give proper attention to form and technique that French and other cuisines have, and 82 recipes for fiddleheads from pottage to deep fried to muffins.

P5255375 (1)
At times there was warm sun and the scent of flowers.

I think that counts as a grand adventure.

Quote: “But this is why you have to talk with people. Can’t live in a roomful of mirrors your whole life. You need other perspectives, if only to solidify your own.” ~ Lodo

24 May 2013, 12:17pm
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Transient things

iris after the hail
There is no catching up today with yesterday in photography. (Iris after hail.)

almost open
The near opening.

heart nailed on
Knit heart nailed on a post.

And what’s the best alternative to Flickr. It doesn’t load reliably at all and when it does it’s slow. Yahoo wouldn’t break it. Maybe it’s more users and not sold off servers but beyond breaking the interface for sets of photos…

Instead of love, or hate, let us say, cilantro.

And here’s a niche medical market to exploit: an IV for writers so flow doesn’t get interrupted every few hours. Every few weeks for solid food would be about right.

Quote: “Indecision is a form of self-abuse – be ready to step up!” ~ Suzanne Evans

22 May 2013, 2:46pm
Ottawa Photos

Walkabout in a New Shirt

Pearl by Brian
I won a shirt at Apt 613. How cool is that. Andrea designed the t-shirt and Matt printed it. Thanks! It’s wonderful soft material. And nice to have a female shirt-shape option. Those are pretty rare to find. The lettering reads “I support local artists, cause I am one”. Wore it over at Elgin St. Diner too.

You can get your own or submit your own designs to the 613 tshirts here. (btw, the 613 and Apt 613 they’re different people even if the names are similar). Judging from the number of flags in windows and cars and bus drivers and people in restaurants wearing hockey shirts, we must be closing in on another NHL game. There’s also hockey-themed tshirts at 613.

Pearl by Brian
Here’s another pic Brian took of me (by what was the barber shop). Also note the Writers Festival bling toque.

Elsewhere on walkabout, WW,

old paint like lichen
Lovely textures.


lost croc
Lost shoe.

almost kanji
Almost something suggestive of kanji in what’s removed.

Yes, it’s lilac season. Deep purples, white-ringed, pale and medium lilacs.

vine 3
Reaching for grips.

Letting what into the head, understanding of human nature, or consuming or making beauty, or everyday consumer-packaged violence?

Noteable Quoteable: “Of course we should be in awe of things, and we should approach the world with humility and gratitude. To return to advertising: this is a lesson in arrogance and greed, a way of expelling gratitude from our lives. Beauty lets gratitude back in.[…] violent movies, the constant recourse to five-second cuts from one violent situation to another, and all the other devices whereby film makers capture the attention without offering any reward for it other than a craving for more destruction – these are examples of irresponsible art.” ~ Roger Scruton at Why Beauty Matters

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