21 May 2013, 9:12am
Glad Game Photos

Got a feeling for the blues

But not like it’s a bad word. Pretty blues.

A blue sky do I see.

And blue clothes pin.

blue zoom
And the blue bells of grape hyacinth, isn’t it?

blue zoom as mom would take the pic
And the same flowers as mom would have taken the photo with lousy knees.

And sow bugs, one of our oldest brother residents. (That’s a blue sheen on the back, isn’t it?)

unknown flower
We’ve got a lot of whatever this is. It’s hairy leaves are herb-fragrant. The blossom’s small, perhaps 1/4″.

blue eyed flower
The wonderful blue-eyed one came back.

looking up
Not old blue eyes, young eyes, even if less young than yesterday.

That’s it. More glimpses from around the planet at Our World Tuesday.

Wait, hold the press publish button. A mini glad game first:

Glad that: vacation plans are taking shape. We didn’t go on holiday last year. Integrating a good pace to life is good progress, but taking off is good too. Glad that mom seems to be doing well. Glad to get another letter started. Glad to be cat-sitting. Hub and I managed to bang heads in the night with such a smack that I saw a blue flash of light. Here comes the cat part. She came running and sat nearby and purred comfort. Wisely out of reach since mid-groggy coordination could take out an eye. And glad that I have access to email and plans to see a friend soon in person even. How cool, I won a t-shirt. When I get it, I’ll show. Glad that Call Me Katie is performing next month at Rasputin’s. Glad to get a book in the mail. Yay, more Phil Hall. I can carpe the diems as they come. Glad I can turn on a diem.

Noteable Quoteable: “I no longer have my entire life ahead of me (I can tell because I just looked over my shoulder…)” ~ Martha

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