21 Jun 2013, 6:54am

The Long and the Sheep of It

It’s been a wild ride of 3 weeks. I got a couple chapbooks made. I have 1200 photos of our trip to England to go thru (er, I’m done stage one, yielding 350 passable possible photos – the high rate of 30% on account of the photogenic sheep).

See. Could be cover models.

And I have a trip to Saskatchewan and a reading there within days.

So, I’m here in body, waiting for the anchor in another time zone to be reeled aboard, days before going two time zones over in the other direction. Then on return, “a family do”, which is always its own special time zone.

Then a few things with friends to look forward to in July, segueing to a work binge thru July and August to set up the flat out run of fall that might go out until Christmas season hits.

It’s a crazy-maker to boil time up so that there’s something like 9 relevant hours between now and the spring 2014 Haiku Canada Conference.

The city, house, computer use, all feel unfamiliar. Why do I use twitter? No one remind me. I had a rethink of time-sink-holes by not being “busy”. I have prioritized reading and learning for learnings sake but not given the same weight to perceiving and doing. A way to balance life is to just put the dried sage off the stem and into the jar. To use when, for what? Doesn’t matter. The doing for its own sake is valuable as action. It is productive as absorbing text. Anything can be a route to be present. Being present with the whole body and mind is useful. It makes self cohere and coherent. To isolate off into mind makes sense if the body aches but if one can not shut off a wing of the body and be present, more goodness somehow. Anyway,

We’ve seen art, history, a lot of miles of train track. We walked a lot. There are more hills than I’d imagined existing and more sheep than hills.


Modest hills.

And as boggling as it seems, more thistles than there are sheep.

I’ve eaten more cheese in the last two weeks than the last several years combined. We saw landscapes so beautiful that it would make anyone think they’re a photographer.

I went over with 4 books, plus chapbooks and broadsides, with the intention to give those away. I gave away 4 (3 of those are even the intended 3) and all the papery things. But came back with 15 more books (11 of them poetry), a new notebook, extra postcards, and a few guide books. (Net gain.) Funny acquiring. Is it cling or generosity to self and others and futures. Which impulse it is matters.

My Eustachian tubes are blocked and my sinuses undrainable factory/retail units. My ears are blocked from wax so no amount of oiling them seems to lift the world back to volume. Have to return to the doctor’s in a few days. And I’m on steroids. Pearl on Steroids. Does that make me the Hulk? Or only my nose?

Naturally, there’s more to come. Tends to be.

Oh, and…


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