19 Jul 2013, 4:42pm
General Glad Game

Humid Humans

Also basil and thyme. Humidity becomes them better. (The dill however is shrinking.)

Glad Game: Fan.
Terrific crashes of lightning.
Healing blisters.
Fans. I’m a fan.
Getting caught up on the course.
Plans in place to go to a lake.
The new endeavour of being a radio host.
No-particular-reason-for-writing emails from friends.
Getting the local paper.
Respite by going by air conditioned busses.
The portability of writing. Could go to a beach with it. If there weren’t a tornado watch.
Chilled apples.
Seeing friends earlier this week.
Plans underway to catch up with other lovely people in the coming weeks.
Evenings cooling off enough for cuddles to not be too sticky and sweaty.
Ability to decipher my penmanship, even when weeks old.
Also my punmanship.
Camping soon.
Capacity to see past glasses that are fogged up from just sitting.
Cool showers.
Long talks airing out the heads with hubby.
While not caught up to all my to-do list, at least I’m not totally overwhelmed and dismayed.
More downpour splashing its silver back at the flipped silver backs of leaves.
Some of those trees could manage a hoola hoop better than me.
Quiet excitement is so much better than drama.

Rose, no fall yet.

Quote: “to see things in the seed in genius” ~ Lao Zhu

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