1 Aug 2013, 7:26pm
Thirteen Thursday

Fleeing the City

Hoping for slow down time warp effect.

13 Considerations for camping/cottaging:

  1. Resetting the body clock by the stars and change these city eyes back to normal ones.
    eye stalks
  2. Navigate by the moon instead of as adeptly as the average dung beetle.
  3. How many cookies to bring?
  4. bud
    (I’ll bud in here)
  5. What to sleep on?
    Sleeping bag? check.
  6. Air mattress? Sadness of flatness due to cactus years ago. Could patch. (Look at clock.) Won’t.
  7. Loblaws has an air mattress on sale for $22 (instead of $50 or $29 at Canadian Tire regular price.) yǒu qù de (interesting) 有趣的 
  8. Bringing cards, books, ice, fruit.
  9. Rain. 雨. yǔ.
  10. It will rain. yǔ betcha.
  11. We aren’t made of sugar.
  12. Wearing sling. Bringing advil. (And eyes peeled for hypospray.)
  13. Zǒu ba !  走吧!: Let’s go!

Quote: “Stop trying to shrink the world into the size of a self-help book. It doesn’t fit[…] Reading about how to be a pilot doesn’t make you a pilot. Plane gonna crash.” ~ Laurie Ann Fuhr

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