15 Aug 2013, 9:50am
Thirteen Thursday

Life Around Here

  1. P8049325
    Relentlessly new days dawn.
  2. Even with my “broken wing” (photo by sweet hubbykins at Purdyfest),
    photo by Brian
    and days before the doctor even receives xrays and ultrasound scans. Almost 4 months of this shoulder getting worse. (Impatient for “normal”.)
  3. Marriage habits of successful couples (rings true).
  4. What’s Writing for? my response is #7 in the On Writing series.
  5. Comedy minute: Are you a real writer? Check at the handy flowchart and If writers were paid like other professionals by Melanie Gillman.
  6. This could be handy: How to write a cover letter for a literary submission.
  7. water surface is this lake big enough for us?
    Is this lake big enough for us both? Yep, and no one is ever alone in the world. At a zoomed in level there are always so much life even in a water drop.
  8. An article on putting mental health on par with normalcy of other physical health.

  9. Today from the Garden by Pearl Pirie on 500px.com
    Our day’s garden harvest: scarlet runner beans, cherry tomatoes and our first pepper.
  10. Did you see this? Burglars steal computers. Police come. Non-profit workers worry. Another police call. Computers are returned with apology note.
  11. P8039267
    We float even when we dimple the surface where we sink.
  12. teen duck
    Things are duckier than it feels, even in the rain. Quacking in the rain…
  13. Literary Landscapes is tonight at 6:30 EST and I’ll be interviewing Steve Artelle.
  14. Thursday 13

    Quote: “Purity of mind and idleness are incompatible.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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