29 Aug 2013, 10:29am
Thirteen Thursday

Local Newspapers

  1. Man Celebrates 20 years with Schizophrenia
  2. Bless the small town newspaper for their spin as the subjects want it told.
  3. A large media newspaper has the mandate: you need to buy us to know the worst thing going on in the world at the moment.
  4. A local newspaper, often delivered for free, has the mandate: this is what people you will meet are doing for our community.
  5. Why should one be a pawn for someone else’s priorities for their gains instead of your benefits?
  6. With more centralization, what matters to individuals doesn’t weigh as much as the aggregate. Local reppresentation loses to rubber necking competitions.
  7. When I taught ESL using a newspaper, I often used the local section.
  8. Partly I don’t want to stomach disaster at 9 a.m. Partly war refugees don’t need more triggers in the safe space of learning.
  9. Several times I got objections for my “soft news” angle. The class was often under 10% male to about 1/3 male but all the objections came from the guys. (Incidental gender of those people?)
  10. Local news is also timely but has less amnesia as the next thing washes up. The same direction over the city scape of low or high density housing can continue for years of articles. It debates on slow scale things that matter instead of presenting what’s already a done thing.
  11. Hidden Harvest Volunteers harvest apples, service berries and nut trees. About 10% of the food trees that could be used are on their list. The food goes to food programs in part.
  12. 160 people come to a street party and get the police permission to close off their street to socialize.
  13. Joa Anne Guimond is running a gratitude project called Dare to be Grateful.

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Quote: “Anything that increases the degree of difficulty in the poem’s making is to be sought out.” ~ Diane Lockward

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