13 Sep 2013, 5:18pm
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Seasons, Squirrels and Spreading the Gospel of Haiku

fading blossom
How quickly time passes. Sweater and jacket weather already.

Time’s irregular flow is exacerbated by the bucking weather. One day cold, one day hot humid and monsoon rains.

By Tuesday, it felt it should be Friday already, and today feels like Wednesday. Or Sunday, depending on which hour of the day I look at.

A correction to the last post. It seems the “mouse house” we found was of the other rodent. The weaver was a squirrel, or rather, a pair of squirrels, one silver, one black who are packing up due to the new air conditioning of us removing boards.

mint cookie
A cookie for us not the squirrels. What else for us?

John Brandi in Hindi and Punjabi
To see at least: John Brandi in Hindi and Punjabi

John Brandi in Hindi and Punjabi
The Punjabi Haiku Forum is a group is haiku enthusiasts who are translating the form for the Indian market. They have made this translation, as well as a children’s haiku anthology and a primer. They are copyleft so the word can spread. No cost to buy and no penalty to reproduce so long as you don’t sell it for profit.

Ottawa resident Amarjit Tiwana – here with his wife and our friend Angelee at the fall haiku meeting – is locally organizing donations of haiku text to start a library in the Punjab area. For several years he has run Haiku Punjabi and he started a FB group for haiku in that language. It has 1700 members.

Several years ago there was one book on haiku in Punjabi and he had translated the masters, personally funding its printing and distribution to schools. Amarjit’s printed thousands and taken them to schools and universities. Now about 20 haiku books have been printed in Punjabi and new poets are rising as they gain access to knowing it exists.

Imagine if one is a natural haiku poet in a long lyric community. Or one would be a gifted visual poet but all around is only spoken word or visa versa. It is of benefit to the whole world for one individual to learn what they can learn.

fall KaDo group 2013
Here’s the whole KaDo group at the fall meeting.

“in the mirror
my father stands erect—
hides his walking stick”

~ Amarjit Sathi Tiwana, KaDo meeting broadsheet from Sept 11, 2013

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