1 Oct 2013, 3:21pm

Poetry, Learning and Other Sweetnesses

Last night we saw the Architecture Forum Lecture of talks by Bruce Kuwabara & Barry Padolsky on the history of the Museum of Nature. The museum used to be for geology then became the anthropology museum, and National Art Gallery before those fledged to their own buildings. What remains in the museum of nature is 10-million pieces strong.

The museum is about 40 meters tall and sits on about the same depth of unstable Leda clay. At one point the it sank half a meter. The reno lasted Padolsky 20 years of his life because he started in 1989 with the exterior stone restoration. The job from 2002-2008 gave a metal skeleton for earthquakes and insulation buffer, as well as functional mechanical and visual shifts. There’s still a couple major phases that could be done, funding willing, to remove all the parking lots that displaced the original garden plans. Put all that underground and rebuild the 9 acres of Edwardian Gardens. And stock the greenhouse which was greenlighted, except for the plants, which seems kinda necessary.

It kicked off the season of the series and Architecture Week of Ottawa Regional Society of Architects. The next lecture is Nov 4th with Martha Schwartz. No pictures this time since my arm was being tetchy. [Aside, tetchy, first known use, 1592.]

Tree Seed Workshops
A week ago Jenny Samparisi gave a workshop on the hybrid poem. It was about the remixing of materials and mixture of different types of prose and forms and shapes of poetry and story, rather than the uniform plot arced lyric. When the reading list from that gets sent out, I’ll ping it here, probably, if I remember.

A week from now Bruce Kauffman comes to town to do stream of consciousness writing for the Tree Seed Workshop at SAW Gallery.

cafe seating
That’s at Tree, which now has cafe seating.

Suddenly I have a lot of workshops on the go. Another was today; no photos so it never happened. 😉

And there was one on the weekend with Elizabeth Bachinsky. Ideas of getting to concrete images without it being image without idea, gathering attention, packing in details. For that, no photos worked of people so let us substitute instead this red bean mochi cake bed and a sleepy grape with a dapper nightcap.

A surreal substitute is as real, yes? Any resemblance to any actual participants beggars the imagination.

A lot of ideas hopping. I made my priorities list for October and did not cry out in pain nor did I faint. That’s a good sign, yes?

My September list isn’t entirely checked off but I got some of the big tick-mark items done. It’s all about the time management again this month.

We got the garage reshingled (and no one died!), a dumpster of things taken away, grant applications made (220-odd pieces of paper mailed away, not including the electronic submissions), manuscripts submitted, garage un-leaned, delivery received of materials to fix more, boards primed, squirrels evicted, moths evicted, family visited, another manuscript organized and re-edited (and no one died!), a whack of errands and appointments done, done.

There’s one more reading I’ll get to before next week — Ron Silliman and Rae Amrantrout at A B Series — and apart from that, this introvert will catch up on lost solitude, and the top solo to-dos, until the next headlong runs into social and so-on.

That’s Our world Tuesday.

Oh, one last thing. Modelling consent, an excellent post and food for thought. Someone asking rather than assuming go forward and be corrected if wrong. The latter is rather unnecessary harm and learning the hard way all around. Sort of a Salem witch trial sort of proof method. Or ask. Yet, how revolutionary.

Oh, and btw, they’re in the sidebar but I know people forget. When it’s quiet on the Humanyms front, there are other blogs. A few blogs died and/or I deleted them but 5 active at least a couple times a month is still a lot, I’m told.

Looking on the Bri Side of weekly portraits of hubby Bri.I’m starting to build it up retroactively. I’ve got back to 92.

There’s 40-word-year of working out things, people, memories to let go of, or hold onto.

Eaten Up which is largely a vegetarian, sometimes vegan blog, now only Monday to Friday.

Pesbo which is poetry-related things.

Even more poetry-related is my author site pearlpirie.com.

And I’m at twitter and if anyone has figured out why, you can let me know.

Quote: [or almost quote in this case] move each day towards what moves you with passion and peace ~ Nancy Duarte of Resonate at The Good Life Project

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