12 Nov 2013, 1:31am

Time Lapping and Lapsing

Shadows in the taillights, the merger of nature and machine.

The second day of snow. And it goes away again. But ice skim on the puddles stay for the night.

And a portrait of us for Hubby’s 40th BD. We’ve been together since he was 17. Which sounds longer or shorter: Since 17, or since 1991?

Who would have thought that we’d still be in Ottawa now.

This Our World Tuesday includes other times and places:

1930 - 028 - September Tour - 11 - A Devon Cottage
A Devon cottage on Bri’s grandfather’s bicycle tour in the fall of 1930.

1930 - 027 - September Tour - 10 - View near Honinton
1930. More of the September Tour. The view near Honiton.

1930 - 024 - September Tour - 7 - Stonehenge
And over to stone henge long before the barricades went up.

1930 - 016 - Unlabelled 6
An unlabelled photo from the same trip.

(Or at least you’ll have a better time while going along.)

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