27 Nov 2013, 3:54pm
Photos Thirteen Thursday

Winter, Wonder

So this is winter. What have we done? The shovel and the shove of snow by the old ones has begun.

  1. street scene
    Another bank higher and a new one, what fun.
  2. traction 1
    finding a certain traction
  3. PB272656
    Just a little snow on the trail. Keep pedalling
  4. snow tires
    snow tires
  5. snowy wires
    snowy wires
  6. chainlink
    fuzzy links
  7. Stellae Boreales kids classical concert is just one of many Christmas in Ottawa events. Now that we have snow, the season can start. It has my permission.
  8. going tobogganing
    ready set,
  9. bench
    sit. pause.
  10. falling snow
    snow falls from snowfall.
  11. peek
    peek a tree
  12. PB272622
    on a similar note
  13. And on a different note, make your own Tudor costumes, or make a flat cap? I feel like they must come from hat trees. Make one’s own hat. Imagine that. What else could boost happiness? 10 things

This is a sort of late Wordless Wednesday and an early Thursday Thirteen.

Quote: “To write is to think and to live — even to pray.” ~ Thomas Merton wrote in 1958 in his journal

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