6 Dec 2013, 6:45pm
Ottawa Photos

On Walkabout

Cube Gallery's winter window
Cube Gallery has a bit of a surreal scene with a fiery snow hill and meteor both en route and arrived at the house roof. Santa is parachuting in. Just out of shot is that one of the snowmen is carrying a hatchet.

Also seen around town: A man paused to look in the florist window. His dog looked around and saw sticks, bushes and plants and lifted a leg. Man noticed and hastened dog away in time. Well done, dog owners. You’re the hero the florist will never know crossed its threshold.

Did you know on Tuesdays Ottawa’s CKCU has a radio show Welcome to My World radio Show with hosts and guests that are disabled? (That’s a video story on it.) It’s podcasts are here.

Did I mention here the couple who fell in love over chocolate, then created Cylie Chocolatier on Dalhousie. Great story of them at CBC.

I updated the CKCU links to LitLand shows here including the animated interview with Marco Fraticelli.

Quote: “Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.” ― David McCullough

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