9 Jan 2014, 9:41pm
Thirteen Thursday

13 Books from ’13

How’ve y’all been anyway? Haven’t dropped by Thirteen Thursday for a long while.

I’ve been meaning to make a list of favorite books read last year. How to choose from 163 titles? Some books, not these, are a slog with diminishing returns. Some fade from memory. How to know what’ll last? Some that have seem to have lasted with good cause. Some are new. Some of the new books from 13 I still haven’t got to yet.

Gut-reckon, I guess. Looking today, what struck me as I enjoyed most, or found most tasty, these:

  1. Astrophel and Stella by Philip Sidney, sonnet series of unrequited love, (1580s)
  2. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Written by Herself, by Harriet Ann Jacobs,  autobiogrpahy, 1813-1897.
  3. Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books by Stephen Brockwell, poetry, (Mansfield Press, 2013)
  4. The Hollow and other Fictions by Richard Truhlar, post-apocolyptic linked short story/novel (Mercury, 2005)
  5. The Barefoot Shepherdess and Women of the Dales by Yvette Huddleston and Walter Swan, interviews with wildly different life paths of women in English Dales, (Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd, 2012)
  6. Agony by Steve Zultanski, poetry of hyperbolic numbers, (BookThug, 2012)
  7. geographies of a lover by Sarah de Leeuw, poetry of a relationship with a person and a country, (NeWest Press, 2012)
  8. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey, autobiography of a shut-in learning about her pet, (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2010)
  9. Slow Lightning by Eduardo C Corral, poetry, (Yale University Press, 2012)
  10. Pavilion of Women by Pearl S. Buck, novel of pre-Mao China in extended family house, (Book, 1946),
  11. The Small Nouns Crying Faith, Phil Hall, poetry (BookThug 2013)
  12. Notebook of Roses by Nicole Brossard translated by Robert Majzels and Erin Moure, poetry, (Coach House, 2007)
  13. Boating for BeginnersJeanette Winterson novel, alternate telling of Noah’s Arc in contemporary, (Minerva, 1985)

Quote:  “Master your instrument, master the music, then forget all that bullshit and just play!” ~ Charlie Parker, – Verve Records


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