11 Feb 2014, 12:53pm
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Hot cocoa kind of day.

I had a thought. By the time the browser loaded and I hopped the hoops of login, I lost it. Was it about ephemeralness?

That would be too convenient. Reductions are too convenient. To trouble something for the sake of it not being simple is too convenient. Load an idea with broken syntax or different lexicon and it’s still a lyric poem about having the sadz and passively waiting it out. It’s not what you say but how you say it…yes…to a degree.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” — Hugh C. Cameron

And I suppose by extension teeny-tiny minds preoccupy with cope-editing. Or copy-editing even.

I think the quote is pithy and quippy, but not entirely true and a misleading swipe. You can discuss ideas that are weak and foolish, or use critical thinking to understand motivations of people to great effect. Anything can be done poorly or well. It’s not the thing that’s the thing. People can use duct tape or sugar spilled on the table to make art or squander materials and support to deliberately vacuous ends in hucksterism. What is worthwhile depends on how you define the goals and whose goals.

What is worthwhile is more the act and practice of learning more than anything learned. What is worthwhile is applying knowledge gained to good effect, not the hoarding of information. Play is important but not as the only end. There has to be a toward-ness. Does that make it a payoff? For whom?

Is that niggling feeling something poignant about to erupt, or that part of letter I composed before I fell asleep and lost it, or is it an overstimulated buzzing before a crash to nap? Or something more fleshy like hunger, thirst? A nervous gap between finishing up a few things and deciding, which next? An ideological malaise? Existential twist on some forgotten, except bodily, anniversary. Or a low vibrate of irritation and energy rise from indulging in chocolate and nothing more than that feeling that should hook onto something concrete? Much can be dismissed. Sitting with monkey mind can simmer it down or give it hopes of centre stage stardom audiences. Sometimes it’s better to do, read, decide an emotional and mental state and work to make it than go with defaults. I’m not sure that’s discipline or denial or good practice. What do labels matter. Better to do life-maintenance than wait up for the brain’s organ grinding.

Each thing matters. But that thought isn’t complete in itself. Nothing ultimately matters depending on where you put the ultimate bar. The vast wash of things are neutral and most things have some sort of impact, especially in the aggregate.

To lunch then and see what if any impact that has on the distracted state of mind.

Quote: “[The story] was doing a lot of medicine work. I think all books are medicine, and and they are meant for a person who has an ailment of a certain kind. That’s why certain books don’t speak to us, because we’re not ill with that ailment.” ~ Sandra Cicernos at Huffington Post

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