20 Feb 2014, 12:17am
Glad Game

Glad Game

Glad Game: To start with the obvious, bananas, the blessed herb. All other fruit may taste plastic and smell like wax but at least there’s banana.

Glad that there’s some food my body doesn’t reject. Choco-fruitarian may sound like a glamourous all-you-can eat fondue life, but is pretty limiting.

Glad I’m not getting the visceral wall at the sight, sound, taste, smell or idea of meat. It makes it easier to walk in the world.

And muscle relaxants. Walk, baths, stretches, music can go a distance but at times, what a wonderful invention.

Glad for them all, ibuprofen, antihistamine and knowing the migraine meds are there in the wings.

The understandingness of hubby who does not hup-hup, c’mon get up at me. Some nights it takes me hours to sleep and then I wake for an hour or two in the middle. By 8 a.m. I may only be towards hour 5.

Glad for the release and for things made.

Thankful that sometimes I can write like 6 hours flat out yesterday. No need to eat or pause, rapid edits and clarity in groove. The fishing about for something to care about as I read or write is all washed back onto shore like so much bleached deadwood.

Glad for the joie de vivre of the cwazy cat that seems to mistake herself for an anklet that play-bites my feet.

Blessed are those who retweet or favourite on twitter so there’s an indication of saying something of interest.

Thankful for those who reply to emails with any length.

Glad that mom is gradually remembering that phoning after 10 a.m. is almost infinitely better than before 7 a.m. even if both seem like nearly afternoon to her.

Feeling blessed by people who are willing to read what I write and say I hear you.

Thankful for Wally Keeler and his uploads of videos of people hearing poetry on the street of Cobourg.

Glad for fresh safe water to drink.

Glad to anticipate chapbooks coming in the mail.

Glad for chapbooks received and such a richness of creativity.

Glad that rob mclennan can make so many ephemeral events and chapbooks and connect people.

Glad to see Versefest coming in 5 weeks.

Glad to have people who love me even when I seem to be bottomlessly futile,

  • such as carrying the bag for photo walk, bring the lens but not camera body,
  • such as sending the address to pick me up at but dyslexically flipping the numbers,
  • such as finally nailing the pre-recorded segment of 2 Things I’m Reading This Week, but the mic was not switched on,
  • such as setting out the clothes for the morning but it rarely matching the number of appendages I have (2 pants, no shirt, or 1 pants, 1 shirt but 3 pairs of socks or half a pair, etc ad nauseum)
  • such as stammering and umming and mumbling and pretending that silence or omission can speak on my behalf
  • etc

Glad I can still have time to learn, improve and accept.

Glad my self-talk is better and that I can recognize that there’s a noisy head roar of criticism that doesn’t make sense to oppose point by point. Let it wash.

Glad to get to a place where there are feelings and there is body and there is intellect and they aren’t at war or all shut out. There is a working peace in the kingdom most of the time.

Glad to get the bathtub cleaned. If the shoulds are monkeys on the back, a bathtub’s one heavy monkey.

Glad to get an excuse to use the paper cutter.

Glad the cat thinks I’m much more interesting when I cut paper into small squares than when I stare and move ideas around. Maybe she’s right.

Glad to get to share people and ideas that I think should be shared on the radio show.

Glad to find a bit of information that someone mentioned looking for and passing it on. Being an information clearing house always feels more useful.

Glad to have used up most of the food so I could clean out the fridge. Glad to get more food to restock because frozen mixed veggies is pretty dire.

Glad to be moving outdoors in the snow where there are no people and no gender count of what is said or not said by who.

Sorry to be in such an apocalyptic urban space with so few species visible and people hating what is here. But glad I can get away to wilder areas to breathe and restore.

Glad for the support of hubby and glad to work in symbiosis with him to make a small world where compassion, harmony and making each self better matter.

Glad to have access to computers and ability to use them for words, for images, for ideas, for people.

Glad for free flowing times that makes blocked times worth waiting out.

Glad for heavy sleep and sweet dreams, and visitations by grandmother and all past groups of people and places in life integrated.

Glad for being able to expect good in tomorrow.

Double Quote: “Give what you have to somebody, it may be better than you think.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and

“Is life too short to be taking shit, or is lie too short to be minding it?” ~ Violet Weingarten

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