3 Feb 2014, 4:13pm

Ins and Outs of Ottawa

river sumac
Maybe it’s cold outside.

fire in the belly
The heat’s on inside.

Some sidewalks are clear but most are kind of smeared. Slip-slow thru the slush-walk.

Today’s pretty mild, considering it’s February and long johns are in order.
Inside is more inviting. Outside was nice and all but indoors is a good invention.


Postcards by Andrew King’s newest project where his art cards are left around month by month for people to find. Also a chapbook and pottery by the inimitable Amanda Earl.

And here’s another good thing. Until Feb 6, vote for what organizations should get a grant for their socially good project with Soup Ottawa. Theatre project, renovate a shelter’s kitchen, Youth slam, workshops on body image,social integration events for Nepalese immigrants, an after school breakfast program, another music festival, a postcard project to promote the plight of pigs, a library for used children’s books, a co-op, and a whack more.

Quote: “What I am calling poetry is often called content. I myself have called it form. It is the continuity of a piece of music. Continuity today, when it is necessary, is a demonstration of disinterestedness. That is, it is proof that our delight lies in not possessing anything. Each moment presents what happens.” ~ John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing

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