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March 25-30, 2014

Karen Connelly, Mary Ruefle, Stephen James Smith, Sue Goyette, Sarah de Leeuw, Michel Pleau, Souvankham Thammavongsa, David McFadden, Moe Clark, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Mary Pinkoski, Andrew Faulkner, Amanda Earl, Brandon Wint, Stephen Brockwell, D-LightFull, Sandra Alland, 2 Dope Boys, Susan Gillis, Tim Bowling, Michael Burkhard, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Katherena Vermette, Kathryn Mockler, Marilyn Irwin. Dozen of poets There’ll be a film screening of the docu The Line has Shattered (trailer at the link) with panel discussion of those who were there in 1963.

If you’ve been hiding away from the great collective monolithic blurt which is Valentines Day and somehow missed hearing that Versefest is coming in 6 weeks, well, we’ve remedied that haven’t we. Unless you skimmed ahead and I lost you at the V-word.

Versefest 2014 is back. A thank you and call for more volunteers was last week at Pressed Cafe with poetry and music as entertainment and free books.

There’s contact info on site if you want to volunteer at doors, with driving out of town poets, postering, etc.

Call Me Katie
Call Me Katie did some of their own songs, new and older, and some covers. That’s a musical massage with bass, violin, guitar, and voice beauty.

Birdie WhytePrufrock
Birdie Whyte did some banjo music including the song “We don’t have to have fish”. She’s a regular performer at the Laff (each Sunday? Some Sundays?) and Prufrock shared some stories and poems including how to tell if someone is a douchebag. Hint if they drink 12 beers and say they’re okay to drive after they just urinated on your sofa. And a story of walking the streets as a kid talking to adults and finding out one of the streetwalkers used to be a teacher.

fries at Pressed CafeDavid O'Meara
We had some sweet potato fries. David O’Meara read some of his poems from his last few books and some of the newly confirmed readers at Versefest.

With any luck this Thursday at 6:30pm CKCU fm 93.1 I’ll be on the air with an interview with the Versefest Hall of Honour inductee Danielle Gregoire.

Quote: “You must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions.” Denis Waitley

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