1 Apr 2014, 11:12am


Carleton Place
Here’s the place we stopped on many trips thru Carleton Place in childhood. I got ice cream sandwiches or cheese curds there. Now it sells e-cigarettes.

The KFC became Dixie Lee chicken and now is vacant. The ice cream parlour where I got tiger tail ice cream now sells real estate. (The funeral home is still there. Death, you constant, you.)

Weeks are rolling like minutes of highway miles.

Almonte’s city hall with its slate roof. (Incidentally I am a better photographer when its not cold and drizzly. Or on days with bitter wind. Or when there are mosquitos. I’m a climate-controlled indoor photographer, I guess that’s what I’m saying.)

Isn’t that the prettiest city hall? The coloured tiles remind me of the hospital in Brockville. Which brings me back a childhood images of my Aunt Maude’s face. And brings back to hubby a forgotten memory of glue and crafting at a camp day. Roofs house memories as they lower the lumens.

On a road trip you can’t predict what next.

Chinese Italian & Canadian
Chinese Italian Canadian Pizzeria in Almonte at the bottom of a lowrise.

We arrived a few minutes after the ever-delightful Danielle arrived in the Almonte bookstore, her coming from Washington, us from Ottawa.

Funny life and its intersections.

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