8 May 2014, 12:55pm
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Out of your Tree?

girls climbing the spruce

The spruce in the Asheville North Carolina park has its bottom 4 limbs cut off perhaps to prevent climbing but two girls gave either a boost or a hand up to get up there.

(called down to mom:) I’ll go up for a few more branches and I’ll be real quick and I won’t fall down.

(mom walks away and starts gathering up picnic stuff)

The conversation from first half way up then from 3/4 the way up (about 16 limbs up)
-Is your mom real mad?
-You’d better go down
– Just a few more limbs.

I love that it was girls who went up there, testing limbs for sturdiness, spotting each other. They were probably all of 8 years old.

At the digital divide, it’s all about the power, not the position —apparently sitting in the usual seat where one has a computer plugged in does not in itself plug in the computer. Step 2 of recharging digital device: make sure both ends of the cable are plugged into something. Ears don’t count.

watching the watchers
Who watches the watchers?

watching the watchers
Who records the recorders?

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