27 May 2014, 9:58am

Outdoors Projects

You can see the world without leaving home: Our World Tuesday

Here the air is filled with the music of caws, tweets and power tools in every direction. Fences, decks, steps, all manner of cut and paint slap.

Nature’s domain of self-seeded lettuce and arugula and getting on famously.

The raised planting beds were busting at the seams so we’re replacing the boards. *Maybe* making them squirrel proof with chicken wire. Or, at least, we’re adding chicken wire to more of them.

Look up! A pergola underway. Summer’s short and hot and an umbrella needs constant adjusting. Maybe slats will do the trick. Better privacy from higher neighbouring windows besides.

The barbecue is ready for anything.

Poor ole rhubarb hasn’t died yet. It doesn’t get enough sun there. We’ll have to move it once the beds are all ready.

In other types of projects, my blog tour is listed with other poet people at Matilda Magtree

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